Common Moving House Myths You Need to Be Aware Of

If you have a move coming up, whether to another spot in your current location or across the country or even the world, you’re probably already worried about how to get everything sorted in time. If you have children, this anxiety tends to rise, too, as you want the transition to go smoothly for them.

Something to be aware of when preparing for a move is that there are numerous myths perpetuated about the topic. There’s no point getting yourself wound up over ideas that don’t have much basis in reality. Learn about some common moving house myths that need busting.

Myth: You Must Downsize and Declutter to the Max

People tend to feel pressured to go through all their possessions and downsize and declutter when they’re moving. While this transition does provide an opportunity to streamline things if you want, don’t believe the myth that you have to. You can move as little or as much as you like. If you’re flat out getting ready for a relocation, or otherwise making a big move, you’ll probably have little time or mental energy to even think about going through all your possessions anyway. As such, save yourself the stress and move it all.

Alternatively, consider utilizing a storage unit for those items you don’t feel comfortable moving but don’t want to sort through. This solution works particularly well if you know your move may only be a short-term one. Look online for options in your area, such as “storage Los Angeles” or “storage units near me.”

Myth: It’s Better to Do Everything Yourself than Hire Movers

Another common myth is that you’re better off handling as many things as possible yourself when it’s time to move, rather than hiring experts. However, this is a fallacy. While it may be cheaper to put things in your own vehicle(s) or hire a small van if you have limited belongings and friends or family to help you lift and carry items, most people aren’t in this situation.

When you have a truck-load worth of possessions, it’s quicker, less stressful, safer, less tiring, and often cheaper to hire movers for the job. Once you factor in all the costs of moving yourself, especially with many belongings involved, it won’t end up as affordable as you think.

For example, there’s the time you have to take off work or the childcare to pay for when you complete the move yourself, not to mention the costs of renting vehicles and covering fuel, insurance, tolls, parking fees, etc. When going DIY, you’ll also have to factor in costs for a dolly, furniture pads, straps, etc. to move things, plus cash or gifts for the people in your life who help out.

Other costs include potentially hurting yourself and breaking goods because you’re not an inexperienced removalist. There’s also the wear and tear of the stress and anxiety of trying to handle everything yourself.

Myth: Movers Can Transport Anything and Everything

If you decide to hire a mover, don’t assume they’ll say yes to transporting anything and everything you ask of them. While they can lift and carry a lot and know the tricks of the trade to do so, not all movers are happy to handle oversized or incredibly heavy or bulky items, such as pianos or huge tables, precious art, or chandeliers, etc. Often, you need to find specialist firms who will agree to carry more out-of-the-box items.

Note that removalists have limits on what they can legally carry, in many cases, on top of personal preferences. Plus, many of them won’t even think about handling unethical, perishable, alive, illegal, hazardous (think chemicals or anything explosive), or otherwise ill-advised goods.

If you have unusual gear, run it by firms before they give you a quote. They may outright refuse to handle certain things or charge extra if they require additional movers to help lift and carry cumbersome items.

Myth: Your New Property Will Be Move-In Ready as Soon as You Receive the Keys

When we receive the keys to new properties, we expect everything will be clean, as we remembered, and good to go. However, unfortunately, people often discover issues that weren’t properly attended to by previous tenants or owners.

For example, properties could have been left in a mess, appliances may have been pulled out or broken, or other repairs, maintenance, or renovation work might need doing. Always carefully inspect your new place before you book movers. You may need extra time to get the abode ready before you and the rest of your household move into it.

Moving house is a big undertaking. However, you’ll make it less of a challenge if you understand the reality of the above situations and can see how to stop minor problems from turning into big ones.



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