Unique Bucket List Ideas – Things You Might Not Have Considered

Bucket List

All of us have a bucket list, whether it’s mild and tame, or wild and insane. The two most common things on a bucket list for most people usually include bungee jumping (been there, done that) and skydiving. There is nothing wrong with those two things and bungee jumping was an awesome experience for me and I also have skydiving on my long list of “things to do” but today I wanted to create a bucket list that is a little “different”.

There is no right or wrong thing to put on a bucket list but the ones I’ve been thinking about are probably not so common on most lists.

Hanging Out With Kangaroo Jack

Australian kangaroo

So, the first thing I have on my bucket list is to confront a kangaroo in the wild in Australia face to face and let nature take its course. And I almost got to cross this off my bucket list a few weeks ago when I was in Melbourne. We went out during the middle of the night to a place called Bundoora and we encountered dozens upon dozens of kangaroos.

The scariest one appeared to be six-feet tall and extremely muscular. It was very intimidating and I did approach it but unfortunately I was only able to get as close as 30 feet or so before it took off. I suppose it’s the luck of the draw where some kangaroos will approach you while others hop away. I’m thinking the whole thing about it being night time probably didn’t help me. Oh well, I married an Australian so I’m sure I’ll have many more chances to attempt this.

Traveling Across India On a Train

At first thought, the image that comes to mind is a train jam packed with people not only on the inside but the exterior as well. It’s literally a “man train” where you see humans, with the train hidden somewhere beneath them. The Indian rail system has 18 million daily passengers, 17,000 trains, 1.4 million employees, and over 64,000 kilometres of track. The trains can get you to corners of the country that regional flights couldn’t even touch.

Lots of people have the Taj Mahal on their bucket list but I think travelling across the country on their train system would be one hell of an experience. If you have patience, can handle the culture shock, love people, and love food – a trip across India on various trains should definitely be on your bucket list.

Local Zombie Walks

Everybody loves zombies and I’m a huge fan of The Walking Dead series. Deep inside, everybody kind of, sort of thinks about themselves and their family/friends in a zombie apocalypse. Maybe you don’t but I can honestly say the thought crosses my mind more often than it should. Yeah, maybe I’m sick like that. Just because zombies don’t exist doesn’t mean you take part in zombie activities. Many major cities host “Zombie Marches” or “Zombie Walks”.

vancouver zombie walk black contacts

I took part in one a couple of years back and it was one of the coolest things I experienced. Although I’d rather be eradicating the zombies, it was nice to experience life as a zombie. They say it’s always greener on the other side…it wasn’t in this case but still very interesting. In a Zombie Walk, you get to see thousands of people dressed up in some of the most outrageous and creative zombie costumes. The most attention grabbing costume I witnessed was a pregnant woman who had her abdomen exposed and used fx art to make it appear as a zombie baby was clawing its way out of the abdomen. Very creepy indeed. That’s me above, not too creative but still fun!

Blind Vacation

You think you’re a risk taker? An adventure seeker? If so, I dare you to put up a map on the wall, blindfold yourself, and throw a dart at the map to see where it lands. Where ever it lands, you go and vacation there. You can do this with a friend or go about it solo.

blind vacation

Whether you go through with it or not would depend on your budget of course. I say save around $3,000 (in case you land on an expensive country) and go for it. Landing on a place like Afghanistan might seem like a terrible vacation before you even leave for the trip but you’d be surprised at the beauty that awaits you. With the bad comes the good. Every nation has a gem to offer. When I’m financially there, a blind vacation is definitely on my bucket list!


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