Graffiti in Motion – INSA’s “Hollywood Dooom” Street Art

A while back I realized that there was a big difference between mere graffiti… tagging, and its ilk, and true, honest to goodness street art. Since then I’ve had quite the fascination with the medium, and have even decided on a few favorites, such as ROA and the legendary Banksy.

Today I’ve got a batch of incredible street art by a fellow known as INSA. He’s extremely talented, and if you’ve seen my previous set of Banksy animated works, then I think you’re really going to like this. The first four shots are of a huge piece that INSA – in collaboration with Stanley Donwood – painted on the outside of a recording studio to help promote a new record, and the others are, well… just awesome miscellaneous pieces.

Hollywood Dooom

hollywood dooom

graffiti recording studio

This reminds me of something straight out of an Orson Wells novel. If only we could travel backwards and forwards through time to see this kind of thing more often.

insa graffiti

Pretty impressive work, right? INSA and Stanley had to take photos between layers, and from what I read on INSA’s official blog, the two of them had to re-paint the entire building multiple times to achieve the effect.

Assorted Animated Graffit by INSA

moving street art

He’s blue, because he’s thinking about women too much. Given his hideous mustache, it’s not too surprising that the only thing he’s doing is thinking about them.

graffiti legs

This is complete speculation, but this looks like a web of women’s legs adorned with high heels. I like where INSA’s head is at with this one. Perhaps this piece was to help promote his new line of leggings?

swirling animated wall painting

This shot above all else really does my head in. Imagine having an entire wall that actually did this all the time? A person would go absolutely mad staring at it, especially if it were in their bedroom. Mesmorising, but a sure path to complete and absolute insanity as well.


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