Animated Banksy – Street Art Comes Alive

Every so often I like to share amazing street art that I come across, and no matter the artist, I can’t help but judge it against the works of Bansky.

For those of you that haven’t heard of him, well… needless to say, he’s a very talented and prolific street artist from the UK. He’s done plenty of pieces which you’ve probably seen on your journeys across the internet, and simply hadn’t realized he created them. His work is funny, insightful, subversive, and as of today… animated.

What you’re about to see are a collection of Bansky animated gifs. No, the man himself didn’t create them, but they’re still very, very cool. They’re edits of his work that now transcend the 2D realm, and to interesting effect.

Animated Banksy

Banksy No Stopping

This is really besides the point, but imagine if regular street signs actually were animated. I think the amount of car accidents each year would go through the roof.

Pink Floyd Street Art

Banksy Parking

Police Kissing

You know, this scene probably isn’t too far off the mark. Police live stressful lives, and could probably use a good make-out session with their partners every so often.

Banksy Rat Mural

Graffiti Dog

Now, I’m really curious what Banksy himself things of all these. As I mentioned earlier, he didn’t create these animated gif versions of his work; a fellow on “Made by ABVH” – a Tumblr page full of crazy animated gifs – put them together and shared them, and here I am… sharing them with you too. Though I’m quite satisfied with his good old fashioned 2D versions, well… these are pretty neat too.

If you’re interested in learning more about Bansky, please head over to his official website and have a look around. Browse his art, and then read this article about him on The Guardian. He’s an interesting human being, and one worth mimicking. I think the world could use a bit more positive subversive acts.



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