Fairy Tale Fantasies – Fantasy Characters All Grown Up

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Most of us have childhood memories of watching fairly tale movies – especially of the Disney variety. Films like The Little Mermaid and Snow White were a staple of most peoples childhood, but I bet that most of us didn’t imagine fairy tale characters quite like this. Well, at least not until we got a bit older and our minds made their slow but sure dissent into pervertedness.

The following images are from a 2012 calender called Fairy Tale Fantasies. Rendered by the very talented J. Scott Campbell, and colored by Nei Ruffino, these interpretations of classic fairy tale characters show us the likes of Ariel and Snow White all grown up, and looking fine. As you’ll probably agree, just looking at these makes us depraved, terrible human beings… but they are pretty awesome. Damn you, Scott!

J. Scott Campbell’s 2012 Fairy Tale Fantasies Calendar

Cinderella by Scott Campbell

Fairy Tale Fantasies Little Bo Peep

Fairy Tale Fantasy Princess and the Frog

Wendy from Peter Pan

Beauty and the Beast by Scott Campbell

Alice In Wonderland

Jasmine from Fairy Tale Fantasies

Cinderella cleaning the floors

Ariel by J. Scott Campbell

Wendy from Peter Pan

Princess and the Pea

Thumbelina in a Flower

Rapunzel combing her hair

Maleficent by J. Scott Campbell

Ice Queen

Wicked Witch of the West

Ariel from Fairy Tale Fantasies

And there you have it; you can safely say that I’ve either ruined or enhanced your childhood memories. If only the characters actually looked like this in the original movies and books they were based on. The world would surely be a better – or at least more perverted place.

You’ll find more of J. Scott Campbell’s amazing work at his official website. He’s posted up a wide range of signed prints that you can buy, or if you’re just interested in owning a lovely copy of the calendar you just saw, then you can also purchase the calender on Amazon for around $40 USD. It’s a small price to pay to have these fine  ladies gracing your home.


  1. Cloudosaur says

    They all have the exact same face and body, just the outfits and poses are different…doesn’t seem all that creative to me.

  2. Nanabobo says

    Speaking as a straight guy… These sort of gross me out more than turn me on. Their ribcages stick out and their organs seem to have shifted from their torsos into their hips. They look like they’re going to snap at the waist if they turn too much!

  3. ladyv says

    excuse me but where are the prince in all this can i want to see prince Eric, prince charming, prince Philip and so on ya know how about for the women? and these are cool by the way :)

  4. megan says

    I think these are all great. yes, they aren’t realistically in proportion, but then the style obviously isn’t realism, so nobody should complain. the faces and positions are all similar, but I think the outfits and backgrounds make up for it by being original. I reminds me a lot the style seen in a lot of comic books, which by the way also aren’t realistic. it also reminds me a lot of the old pinup style, but done with fairy tale characters.

  5. DaveKan says

    I would say they are all thinking the same thing “Brrrr…I could use a coat, I did not pick the right outfit for these conditions!”

    • Kris says

      I agree, as a female, these don’t gross me out at all, I think they are beautiful and just what you would want from your fairy tale fantasy women :)

  6. Anya says

    Well drawn, but not innovative in any way. All he did was substitute all female characters with transparently clothed soft porn models. That is HARDLY an act of creativity. To each his own, but apparently good taste is as scarce as ever.

  7. Julia says

    One thing that annoys me is the repunzle picture. In the mirror it shows her sides and her hair is only covering her back but not in the mirror its covering her sides. Other than that. Beautiful! I love disney so much and even though this is risque its amazing and I love it. :3

  8. Anonymoose says

    Not only is the artistry fantastic, it’s also great for reasons I won’t mention. I know there’s been many versions of Jessica Rabbit, but it would be interesting to see his rendition of her. Also, maybe a few more alternatives of Alice…

  9. ocean says

    i love it, as an artist, a young woman and a total pervert, i would give you a 9.5, the -.5 being in the proportions and faces of some of your pictures. other then that this is totally hot!

  10. moony says

    i love that so many of these feminist men on here would never complain about catwoman or harley quinn’s costumes being too risque, or their proportions being overly idealized…
    i like the work a great deal, particularly for the colors and backgrounds. i like the girls too, but i have to agree – all the faces do kind of look similar. other than that, i really liked the pics. the little mermaid is my all-time favorite fairy tale, and i was happy to see more than one illustration of her! she’s usually so neglected.

  11. Brittany says

    Obviously made by a man. Why do they all have big tits? I dont remember seeing that in the shows. How about some fantasy’s about all the princes? I doubt it.

  12. Anonymous says

    Meh. Really, that’s all I got to say. Better art on Deviantart. Yes, Deviantart, that’s how much this isn’t original or awe-inspiring.

  13. Frankenberry says

    This feels less like “Fairy tales all grown up” and more “Rob Liefeld does Disney”. All the people like “Oh but it’s stylized!”, uh nope, it’s just shitty anatomy. There’s plenty of well made cheesecake fairy tale/Disney princess art out there, because there’s a big difference between actually sexy stylization vs. “learned to draw the female form from comic books”.

  14. Rick says

    I think it’s funny that so many dumb people take the time to write something rude, or complain. The artist has talent, and if you don’t like it then don’t view the website. You people just like starting drama. You want disney prince’s? Search google for prince, not princess. There is so much of it on google, that it makes finding this awesome art a bit hard.

    These drawings are amazing. People can nit pick all that they want about being too similar, or he’s racist, but until you can produce something better SHUT UP!!!

  15. says

    Scoliosis can be corrected with back braces but not corsets. J. Scott Campbell is trying to be helpful but he may not be aware of this. Won’t somebody please give him a call? Josh Foley (Elixir) is standing by.

  16. Clay says

    A few Frazetta rip-offs in the bunch and not really all grown up as much a sexed up. But the compositions, line work and coloring are top notch.

  17. shanie_nani says

    I think the art is great. And lets not forget that most of these storys are grimms brothers fairytales and legends in thier time children stories way before Disney was ever thought of. It is open for interpretation. So stop hating i love it… You really used your imagination and brought it up for the big princesses to look at these characters more in to hot vixens. All of a sudden. Art is to be appreciated not judged. Love it for what it is… It so happens that this came from his mind. Smh… Stop leaving rude comment especially if dont know what you are talking about. I love your work…

    • Cloro says

      It is supposed to be funny? Art can be judged all we want and I can say that
      a) the proportions are horribly fucked up
      b) The woman portrait are sexualized to the extreme
      c) are the exact opposite of original
      So you can appreciate the art and I can say that it sucks.

  18. Cassie says

    For everyone complaining that these are “slutted up” no, no they are not, you see cleavage, not actual boobs, or anything extreme, if you’re not happy with them then shhh, this is amazing work, the shading, line work, colouring is fantastic. Of course the bodies arent in perfect proportion to actual women, and of course they’re not realistic, they’re cartoon style made to look appealing and hot damn do they! That’s why they all have similar faces, because that’s the face shape and features which are generally seen as most attractive, people who complain about how they look just sound incredibly petty, end of the day everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but if you’ve not got anything nice to say then don’t bother, constructive criticism is okay i guess but don’t shoot the guy down and as far as I’m concerned, this is overall brilliant art, keep up the great work! :)

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