Disney Princesses – From Fantasy to Reality

Just about everyone, no matter where they were born, or how they were raised, have seen at least one Disney film. There’s something about the cheery, sing-song characters that make them unforgettable. There’s one thing in particular that always stood out about those films though, and I’m not talking about the priests 3rd arm at the end of The Little Mermaid. No, I’m talking about the Disney princesses – the ones that we all had a crush on when we were young.

Former Disney artist turned glamor photographer Ryan Astamendi has taken these classic characters and shifted them from the cartoon world, to real-life models. All of Ryan’s photographs incorporate the same principles of lighting, colour, and composition that made the Disney films so great. The only difference now is that his skills have been applied to fine looking ladies instead of cartoons, at least one of which who looks far more risqué than what I remember of the movie as a child. Honestly, I’m quite okay with the change. It’s more… contemporary.

Disney Princesses by Ryan Astamendi

Now, if you’re about to complain about the last photo with something along the lines of “she’s not a Disney princess!”, you have my permission to stop right now. I saw the photo, it looks awesome, and really, who cares? This last one is more along the lines of the Fairy Tale Fantasies collection that we posted a while back, but still fitting of the set so far as I’m concerned. Her dress looks awesome, the lighting looks amazing, and the colors are vibrant. Also, she’s pretty damn good looking to boot.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Ryan Astamendi’s work, and I imagine you will be, please head over to his official website and take a look around. I’ve posted up all of his Disney princesses in real life photos, but he has dozens of other glamor and beauty shots which are just as impressive. He’s a very talented photographer.



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