The CILTEP Experiment – 3 Days Using Natural Stacks’ CILTEP Stack


If you’re one of our long time readers, you may remember an article we put together about a year ago called .

If you haven’t read the article (or have no idea what smart drugs are), then I highly recommend giving it a read; it’s a pretty good introduction to the wonderful world of intelligence and memory boosting drugs and supplements. After you’re done, come back and let’s have a chat about a relatively new supplement called CILTEP that I’ve been experimenting with for the last several days.

Edit 2/13/2014: Updates and additions at the end.

What the heck is a CILTEP stack?

CILTEP stands for Chemically Induced Long Term Potentiation, and in a nutshell, it basically means taking a substance that will help your brain store more in long term memory. Following me so far?

At this point, any further explanation delves deep into the realm of hard science, and for that I defer to Abelard Lindsay, the creator of the CILTEP stack. If you listen to this , you’ll learn all about the potent PDE4 inhibiting effects of Artichoke extract, and the cAMP increasing qualities of Forskolin – the two main components of the CILTEP stack. He’ll explain why they work so well together, and what inspired him to combine them. It’s interesting stuff, I promise!


But enough of that. I’m guessing what you really want to hear is: does CILTEP work? Does it dramatically increase memory, recall, and motivation?

3 Days of CILTEP

Before I outline my experiences, I want to point out a few things up front. They may not make sense immediately, but you’ll understand by the time you finish reading this article.

  • I haven’t had a cup of coffee in over a decade, and avoid caffeinated drinks.
  • I’ve tried just about every nootropic substance under the sun, including all the popular racetams such as Piracetam, Aniracetam, and Pramiracetam. However, I stopped taking them over a month ago to give myself a clean slate for CILTEP.
  • This CILTEP and “Smart Caffeine” was provided, free of charge, by for me to experiment with. I asked them for it, not the other way around.

Now, with that out of the way, here is what happened the first day I took CILTEP without caffeine. You may notice I’ve mentioned caffeine a few times, and the reason for that is about to become clear.

Day #1

To start things off, I took 3 x CILTEP capsules, and 0 x Smart Caffeine

Lack of brain chatter. The constant flow of voices in my head were quieted.
I felt like I was living in a memory.
Intense calm and focus.
My face felt slightly warm, and I felt slightly off.

I definitely felt something that day, but I also felt a little strange… almost spaced out. Enough to deter me from trying it again, though? Not a chance.

Day #2

I took 2 x CILTEP capsules, and 1 x Smart Caffeine. Also worth mentioning is that Smart Caffeine is Caffeine + L-Theanine, the substance found in Green Tea.

Deep desire to learn. I actually spent hours practicing French, a language that I loathe, and usually devote only 20 minutes a day to studying, tops.
My mind felt like a sponge. I was easily able to remember new vocabulary from French, as well as a wide range of terms and scientific concepts from the various Futurology articles I spend part of my day poring over.
I felt balanced, and happier than usual, without feeling manic.
Doing tasks, even ones I had been avoiding, felt effortless. I had none of the annoying “start up cost” I usually feel.

As you can see, day two went a lot better. I suspect there are a few reasons for this. For one thing, I seem to be especially susceptible to smart drugs. As an example, even half the usual dose of Noopept would be completely overwhelming for me. When I lowered my dosage of CILTEP, my experience was markedly improved.

Lastly, on my second day I took Smart Caffeine, and here is where I explain why I’m making such a big deal out of caffeine. As you may know, caffeine increases levels of dopamine in the brain. If you listened to Abelard’s interview, you’ll know that Dopamine increase is an important factor in the CILTEP stack. Given that I’ve had so little exposure to caffeine over the years, well… I have a feeling that I feel the effects a lot more than someone who drinks 4 cups of coffee a day.

So the question is, is it simply the caffeine making me feel this way, or does the CILTEP stack just work better with the Caffeine + L-Theanine combo? I’m betting it’s the latter.

Day #3… Kind of.

I’m going to cheat a little here. You see, I’ve actually been using the CILTEP stack for more than 3 days, experimenting with different dosages, and going with and without the Smart Caffeine. Instead of boring you with my daily accounts, I’ll tell you my overall findings in one sentence: CILTEP consistently works better for me when taken in conjunction with Smart Caffeine, ie: Caffeine + L-Theanine. In fact, it works so well, that I’m comfortable giving CILTEP + Smart Caffeine a big thumbs up.

So… Does CILTEP Work?

Despite my off day while I figured out my ideal dosage, CILTEP has been by far the most impressive nootropic I’ve ever tried, period. If you’ve never tried nootropics before, or have, and noticed meager results, then CILTEP might be worth a try. Unlike most racetams, the effects are rapid and extremely noticeable.

You can for $53.90 USD.

If you have any questions about my experience, or the stack in general, I’ll do my best to answer them. Just leave me a comment!

Updates – February 2014

I’ve had quite a few people asking me to do a little update now that I’ve been on CILTeP for a few months. Since I’m about to add something new to the mix (resistant starches), I figured that now would be the time. Here goes…

The question I’m hearing the most is, does CILTeP still work? I can answer that one quite easily: yes it does!

I’m no longer feeling the intense focus I was when I started, and I’m fine with that. Instead what I’m left with is excellent, effortless memory. I can still remember the name and address of a new bar I tried out weeks ago. Website urls and article details? Not a problem. As someone that previously had terrible memory, this has been pretty damn great.

Yes, overall I’m still pretty damn happy with CILTeP, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Abelard Lindsay comes up with next.

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  1. maria robles says

    Hi! I had been searching on this smart pill formula for a bit, glad I found what I needed, thanks for the detailed info, can’t wait to launch my business and focus with this product!
    – maria

    • Chad says

      It’s true, this is a less expensive way to do it. In fact, I mention that in the article as well. However, it’s also more annoying to portion out each serving that way. Buying pre-bought pills is a heck of a lot more convenient.

    • says

      I did recently, actually. I found increased energy, but that’s about it really. I’m not the type of person that needs a cup of coffee to wake up in the morning, so I don’t find Smart Caffeine on it’s own particularly useful.

  2. DrRoblee says

    Just wondering if you’re still taking the combo & if so what your longer term results are. I’ve seen hundreds of 3 day reviews of many products by excited newbie users on Amazon etc. with very few follow ups

    • Chad says

      I’m currently out and waiting for a re-stock (I was out of town for the holidays), however, I took CILTEP for many weeks and the effects did not diminish.

      Would you like me to put together a follow up piece or update? I’ll gladly do so. :)

  3. tak says

    I dunno…..I just finished the 2 bottles I ordered together. I thought they would be a great help, getting back to school. I decided to sign up for Real Estate Sales licensing, and as I haven’t been in a school/study environment for a while, I also purchased the stacks on the same day. I started taking the pills and going to classes. Both the experiment, the bottle quantity and the amount of time to take the courses comfortably were a month’s time, so i thought it would be great to monitor, gauge and note the helpful boost….but frankly, I think I got duds. They didn’t do a thing for me. I easily felt bored in class, mind wandering, nodding off occasionally and just no difference in general. From feeling unmotivated, to lethargic, nothing changed. In the end, I passed the exams but I learned not to buy brain supplements from online sources. Too bad

  4. Luigi says

    If the content and delivery of it is dry to begin with – no nootropic will magically make you take interest. First time trying CILTEP and Smart Caffeine stack today, found a good level of calm and collected caffeine boost.

    • Chad says

      I understand, and all I can say is that I’ve slammed as many products as I’ve praised. I like CILTEP a lot, but given that I do this for a living, sometimes the odd affiliate link is a necessity. The rent wont pay itself I’m afraid.

  5. K says

    Hey Chad,

    Can I ask what’s your weekly routine/dosage of Ciltep and the stack as a whole? Do you take Magtech or a magnesium supplement? I tried Ciltep for the first time last week, felt a bit spaced for first few days and haven’t taken since, not sure if this was just because it was the beginning, I do want to try again though.

    • Chad says

      I currently take Ciltep on an as needed basis, generally during the week, and with weekends off. I don’t take the caffeine component anymore, as I found I didn’t really need it after all. I do take magnesium, but not MagTech. Having said that, I’ll definitely be trying MagTech in future.

  6. K says

    Hey Chad, many thanks for the response. Gonna start it again this time with the Magtech, will update on how it goes for thread. Have you (or has anyone) consumed any alcohol whilst taking Ciltep? Any side effects or known dangers?

  7. Chris says

    I purchased artichoke extract and forskolin separately and did like the combination. A relaxed focus is how I would describe it. Similar to how I feel after meditating but a much longer effect.

    Concerning Ciltep, I received a bottle as a item in Tim Ferriss’s latest box. I took one pill and had a headache for most of the day. I am not pointing directly to the pill but is this a “side effect” potentially?

    • Chad says

      I’ve personally never had any headaches with CILTEP, however… I used to get headaches with the *racetam type of nootropics when I wasn’t supplementing with enough choline.

      This headache also could have been unrelated? I would try for a few days and see how you feel, i.e, bigger sample size.

  8. K says


    I take two on waking on an empty stomach, bulletproof coffee 30 mins afterwards with my vits. The first week I exoirienced headaches on a couple of occasions however these stopped. I put it down to it just being new to my system as no probs at all now. I have also added a choline supp with my vits as I read somewhere else also that Ciltep may deplete choline levels.

  9. Matt says

    I have started taking Ciltep and have been satisfied with the results after the first three days. Kindof like my first try of Bulletproof coffee. I found myself cleaning and organizing my office for the first time in months! I seem to have a funny reaction to Ciltep and wondering if anyone else has noticed any eye issues? Blurred vision/light sensitivity maybe? Happens first thing once it kicks in and then more later on in the day. I do take my Ciltep on an empty stomach but follow with Bulletproof coffee about 30 minutes later.

  10. says

    Thank you for your review, and also for the 2014 update.

    After months of personal use and discussions with other nootropics users, I’ve reached the conclusion that CILTEP alone has little to no nootropic effect. The “feeling” that one gets from the Natural Stacks CILTEP stack is likely the dopamine boost from ALCAR. In my experience, weeks of daily CILTEP stack use leads to some form of serotonin depletion / severely depressed mood.

    This was reported in the original Longecity thread (here: and also by a handful of my readers.

    Imo, more reporting and testing needs to be done with CILTEP and the CILTEP stack before declaring it a “nootropic that works”.

    Danny @

  11. scott says

    Hey Chad, I took 3 pills first day and 3 the second. I felt a bit of extra energy first day but I also got headaches and small amount of pain behind the eye. Have you or anyone else heard of these or a list of side effects? ( I have read some comments that this is true ) I was hit be for 6, so really unsure compared to the results you and others have been getting. Does one’s diet need to be a certain way or and a comment mentioned about choline levels. Any suggestions?

    • Chad says

      I’ve never had headache issues with CiLPTE, but certainly did with Piracetam, which was caused by choline depletion. You could try supplementing with choline perhaps?

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