Yamaha Vmax Hyper Modified Project Bike

I’ve never had an opportunity to check out the annual motorcycle shows that take place here in Vancouver and I sure as hell won’t have the honor of checking out the 2011 EICMA show in Milan this November. Just like with the major car shows, there are lots of surprises at the motorcycle shows as well.

Big name manufacturers and smaller manufacturers take advantage of these shows to unveil new models, prototypes, and new technologies that riders can expect in the coming years. Yamaha has summoned some big-name talent in the custom choppers world to work on a project dubbed as the Vmax Hyper Modified. The big-name talent I am referring to includes Roland Sands, Marcus Walz and Luovic Lazareth. Utilizing the creative talent of these three on one project should result in something spectacular.

A lot of the details are unknown about the Vmax Hyper Modified project for the time being. It could be one bike that all three worked on or possibly three different Yamaha Vmax bikes modified by each person. What we do have is a teaser video for your viewing pleasure. Whatever the final concept may be, you can bet that it will be nothing like Yamaha’s factory effort.

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We’ll report back in a few weeks and show you guys not only the Vmax Hper Modified project but all the other cool bikes that will be on display. The 2011 EICMA takes place in Milan from November 8th to November 13th 2011. This will be the 69th International Motorcycle Exhibition.




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