World On Fire: Third Rock Outdoor Fire Pit

The Third Rock Outdoor Fire Pit or “World on Fire” fire pit, as I’d like to call it, seems like an appropriate fire pit for the times we live in.  Every time I turn on the news, I see people starting fires, riots, explosions, and overall unrest all over the world.  Although the designer’s idea is to show the earth’s fiery core, I think my name for it makes more sense (in my humble opinion).

The Third Rock Outdoor Fire Pit is designed by Rick Wittrig and is one of the more creative fire pits I’ve seen in a long time.  The fire pit is handmade and depicts the globe with the land part cut out of the giant ball of steel to show the fire.  Each fire pit is individually numbered and signed by Rick and is made to order.

Third Rock Outdoor Fire Pit 2The Third Rock Outdoor Fire Pit is made out of ¼” thick carbon steel which ensures a long life, the exterior comes with iron oxide patina that darkens over time.  The inside of it is coated with high temperature resistant paint and there is a 1.5” drain hole for rain water.  The fire pit weighs 275 pounds and measures 42” high with a diameter of 36”.  The Third Rock Outdoor Fire Pit is priced at $1,679 with free shipping in the USA.

Third Rock Outdoor Fire Pit

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