What to Do at Night with Friends: 28+ Fun Activities to Beat Boredom

Ever been caught in that all-too-familiar scenario where the sun’s gone down, you and your friends are gathered around, and everyone’s collectively wondering what to do next? Well, trust me when I say you’re definitely not sailing those waters solo.

On one particularly quiet evening, my search for entertainment led me to Molly McCormack’s treasure trove of 50 ingenious nighttime activities. Prepare yourself because this list is a game-changer: imagine swapping stories of boredom for a night filled with board games shenanigans and culinary adventures.

So gear up for some belly laughs and memories made under the moonlightadventure awaits!

Key Takeaways

Try virtual activities like mansion shoppingbeauty favorites nightslearning TikTok dances, and playing digital party games to have fun with friends from home.

Get creative with classic indoor games by adding new twists or themes to make them more exciting.

Explore artistic activities such as DIY candle making, clothing swaps, cake decorating, and makeover sessions for a mix of laughs and creativity.

Fun Virtual Activities

What to Do at Night with Friends 3

Hey friends, let’s be real – sometimes the couch calls your name a little too loudly after sunset… and that’s when you flip open the laptop for some epic virtual shenanigans. Imagine us ruling over our digital kingdom in an online mansion shopping spree, or laughing ourselves silly as we try to nail those viral TikTok moves.

We’re talking about a night where the only scrolling is through party games, not our endless (and let’s face it, kinda dull) social media feeds.


Hearts is a fantastic game to play at night with friends because it fosters a fun, competitive atmosphere that encourages friendly competition and strategic thinking. Its simple rules combined with the depth of strategy make it accessible to new players while still offering a challenge to experienced ones. Online platforms like Hearts.co allow players to enjoy the game from the comfort of their own homes, connecting with friends or making new ones around the globe, ensuring the game is always accessible and entertaining.

Shopping for a virtual mansion

Ever dreamt of living like a king? You can now, sort of. I tried buying a mansion online with my buddies, and let me tell you—it’s a blast! We get to pick out the craziest houses we’d live in if we were rich.

You choose the biggest and most bonkers mansions that are up for sale. Then you tour them virtually—you’d be amazed at what these places have inside! Sometimes there’s bowling alleys, movie theaters or even indoor pools.

We joke about who gets which room and how we’d throw epic parties. It’s all pretend but trust me; it feels good to dream big for an evening. It’s one cool way to spend time without spending cash.

Hosting a ‘beauty favorites’ night

So I tried this awesome thing with my friends the other night, and guess what? We all loved it. It was a ‘beauty favorites’ night – yeah, you heard that right. We picked out our favorite grooming products and shared why we thought they were top-notch.

You know how sometimes you find that one product that just works for your skin or hair? This was our chance to swap those secrets.

Each of us set up our cameras, got comfy at home, and showed off the stuff that keeps us looking sharp. Think about it: it’s like having personal shoppers, but without spending a dime! One buddy brought out his go-to beard oil, while another raved about this killer exfoliating scrub he uses.

Me? I talked about the aftershave balm that doesn’t leave me feeling like I’ve been attacked by bees. Trust me, even if talking moisturizers isn’t your usual jam, giving each other tips can up everyone’s game.

Plus, laughing together as someone explains their “accidental” self-tanning disaster is priceless!

Learning TikTok dances

I’ve got a killer idea for our next guys night. Let’s master some TikTok dances! Hear me out, this isn’t just for teens. You know those slick moves you see online? Yep, we can totally conquer those.

Picture us nailing the choreography and maybe even going viral—talk about rich people activities without spending a dime.

Fire up your laptop or grab your phone, and let’s dive into that TikTok dance trend everyone’s been talking about. We’ll pick some popular beats—maybe even find one with releasing new tracks—and start moving.

No need to be perfect; it’s all about having fun and getting lost in the music instead of doom-scrolling through feeds all night long. Who knows? We might just become the next big thing on someone’s For You page!

Playing digital party games

So, you’ve got friends far away and want to hang out? Easy fix—play digital party games. Picture this: You’re all comfy at home, snacks on deck, laughing over a game of PowerPoint karaoke.

Yeah, that’s a real thing! Everyone makes a quick presentation about whatever—a dream vacation, the best superhero hideouts, weirdest foods they’ve tried—and then shares it online.

Trust me; it’s hilarious seeing your mates talk through slides they’ve never seen before.

Let’s not forget other cool digital games you can dive into. Jackbox Games is pure gold for this! You buy the pack once and keep using them forever—no extra cost every time you play.

All you need is your phone or tablet to join in the fun from anywhere. And let me tell you something—it gets competitive but in the best way possible! You’ll be shouting out answers and trying to outsmart each other, no matter how many miles apart you are.

Curating playlists for different moods

Right after beating your pals at a digital party game, you’ll want to set the perfect mood for the night ahead. Making playlists for different vibes is key here—you know, those good vibes songs that keep everyone feeling great. Here’s how to nail it:

  • Match your activity with tunes: Say you’re having a murder mystery party; you need suspenseful music to up the ante. Or maybe you’re planning a road trip? Line up those classic road trip anthems.
  • Think about the feelings: A beauty favorites night calls for upbeat pop hits, right? It’s all about feeling good and sharing laughs.
  • Dive into themes: If wine tasting is on the agenda, consider some smooth jazz. It adds a touch of class and keeps conversations flowing.
  • Go back in time: Those throwback video games aren’t complete without nostalgic hits from their heyday—hello ’80s synths and ’90s rock!
  • Energize your fitness: Learning TikTok dances can be full-on workouts—pop in some energetic beats to keep everyone moving.
  • Chill out properly: After all that fun, slow things down with acoustic covers or soft indie tracks. Ideal for when you’re winding down or stargazing.
  • Personalize it big time: Hosting a PowerPoint night where you share passions? Tailor the playlist to each presentation—for my buddy who loves craft brews, I’ll throw in some folk-rock.
  • Add some laughs: Funny songs or silly sound effects can make games like blindfolded drawing even more hilarious.

Classic Indoor Activities with a Twist

What to Do at Night with Friends 2

Ever stumbled upon that dusty old Monopoly box and thought, “Been there, done that”? Well, think again! I’ve got a fresh spin on those classic indoor games – it’s like rediscovering your favorite 90s jam, but with a killer remix you can’t resist.

From board game battles with new rules to turning your living room into an amateur detective agency (and trust me, it’s hilariously brilliant), the night will fly by faster than a ninja in a game of Twister… except no one gets stuck with their left foot awkwardly behind someone else’s head.

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Retro board games

So, I dug out some retro board games from the closet last night. It was epic! We had Monopoly, Scrabble, and even Candyland. These games aren’t just about rolling dice or picking cards; they’re time machines that take us back to when high scores and game pieces ruled our world.

We laughed hard over who got to be the top hat and who ended up in jail.

Board games are seriously underrated these days. They get you talking and joking face-to-face with your buddies – something we miss with all the screens around us. Plus, setting up hotels on Boardwalk beats scrolling through feeds any day of the week.

And let me tell you, it’s a sweet victory feeling when I build an empire while my friend goes bankrupt—sorry, not sorry! Pulling out those old boxes is more than just a game; it’s like catching up with an old friend who still knows how to have a good time.

Throwback video games

Digging out those old video game consoles can be a blast from the past. You remember how you used to spend hours on that one tough level? Now’s your chance to show it who’s boss, with your friends cheering on—or poking fun.

We’re talking about classics like Super Mario, Sonic, or maybe even some Street Fighter action if you’re into some friendly competition.

Here’s an idea: make it a throwback tournament! Pick your favorite old-school games and challenge each other. It’s not just about winning; it’s laughing at the wonky graphics we thought were so cool back in the day.

Sure, new games are great, but there’s something about these retro gems that has us coming back for more fun and nostalgia. Grab some snacks, settle in on the couch with your buddies and get ready for a night of epic gaming—old school style!

Murder mystery party

So, I’ve got this killer idea for a guys’ night – throw a murder mystery party. Think about it; we all get to play detective and solve an epic whodunit right in the living room. It’s one of those top-notch indoor activities for adults that’ll have everyone talking.

You can find cool kits online or make up your own story. Just imagine the crew, decked out in costume, throwing around wild accusations while noshing on appetizers.

You might be entertaining friends from out of town, or just looking to spice up a regular evening with the gang. Either way, hosting one of these parties is sure to impress. Plus, it beats being alone on a Friday night! After you’ve figured out who the culprit is, why not shift gears? Go from solving mysteries to testing your knowledge with some DIY trivia next.

DIY trivia night

Getting our detective hats off after a thrilling murder mystery party, we can dive into setting up a DIY trivia night. You know the drill—get some snacks ready, pull out chairs around the living room, and let’s get that brain buzzing with all sorts of questions.

I’ll be the one throwing challenges at you guys, everything from sports stats to those forgotten ’90s cartoons.

We might even throw in twists from classic indoor games. Imagine tackling a round where every correct answer means you dodge an imaginary laser tag beam or answering while holding a pillow fight stance.

Oh yeah, it’s on! The best part about trivia night? We’re all in for lots of laughs and maybe learning some quirky facts along the way! Keep your phones ready for quick fact checks or to keep score—and no sneaking answers off Google… I’m watching you! Let’s see who among us is the ultimate trivia champ tonight.

PowerPoint night

So, PowerPoint night with the boys? It’s not your typical slide show about sales targets. Think more like a game where everyone brings their A-game with hilarious or wild presentations.

Maybe I’m showing off my dream mansion that I picked out during a virtual real estate shopping spree. Or perhaps one of us is teaching the rest some sick TikTok dance moves—yep, even those ’90s boy band ones we all secretly know by heart.

We could be swiping right—or left—on dating apps and sharing our best pick-up lines, laughing until our sides hurt. And let’s not forget belting out karaoke hits because come on, who doesn’t want to be a rock star for the night? After this epic battle of wits and creativity, it’s time to switch gears and get our hands dirty with something artistic.

Blindfolded drawing game

Let’s get real—I’ve tried the blindfolded drawing game with my buddies, and we couldn’t stop laughing. You just put on a blindfold and try to sketch out whatever wild things they shout at you.

It gets everyone’s creative juices flowing, plus you’re guaranteed a good chuckle when you see your masterpiece—or mess—afterwards. We even leveled up the challenge by throwing in topics like “underwater arcade” or “superhero doing groceries,” which made for some epic fails but awesome memories.

(Hey, picture this: drawing a monster truck with no peeking!) Toss in themes like favorite fast food restaurants or mythical creatures wearing skinny jeans; it adds an extra layer of fun to the night.

And trust me, those drawings can turn into hilarious keepsakes or maybe end up framed in someone’s man cave as a joke! Alright, ready to shift gears from artist to fashionista? Let’s dive into makeover sessions next.

Creative Activities for the Artistic

What to Do at Night with Friends 4

Hey there, all you night owls with a penchant for creativity! Ever find yourself itching to unleash your inner artist during those long evenings? Well, let’s ditch the boredom and dive into a world of imaginative shenanigans where your flair for the arts isn’t just welcomed—it’s celebrated.

(Trust me, by the end of the night, you might just have created something Instagram-worthy or at least good for a laugh!).

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Makeover sessions

I’ll let you in on a secret: makeover sessions with your buddies can be a total blast. Think about it – swapping styles and trying out new looks isn’t just for the ladies. It’s a great way to step out of your usual routine and have a good laugh while you’re at it.

Imagine one of the guys rocking a wild hairdo or experimenting with some temporary tattoos. You might even find yourself discovering some hidden grooming skills along the way.

Now, all this doesn’t mean we’re turning into beauty gurus overnight – far from it! But picking up that bottle of hair dye or adjusting each other’s tie knots? It’s all in good fun.

Plus, during mini spa nights, when we’re giving each other manicures, there’s always room for jokes and stories to keep things light-hearted. And hey, who knows? One of us might just stumble upon our next signature look amid those laughter-filled attempts at eyebrow shaping or skincare tips.

DIY candle making

Hey guys, let’s talk about a cool way to spend the night with your buddies. DIY candle making is not just for the ladies; it’s a great chance to show off your creative side and chill with your friends.

Clothing/jewelry swap

So, you’re hanging out with the guys and feeling bored. Here’s a cool idea – do a clothing/jewelry swap! Grab some clothes or accessories you don’t wear anymore and have your friends do the same.

It’s like getting a bunch of new stuff without spending any money. Plus, it’s way better for our planet than buying more.

You can even turn it into a fun event. Try on different outfits, make it a contest, or add some DIY crafting to customize what you get. It’s all about laughing together and maybe finding that one shirt that makes you look sharp.

Now, who said fashion wasn’t manly? Get ready to mix things up in your wardrobe!

Feeling creative yet? Let’s keep this going – how about we decorate some cakes next?

Cake decorating

Switching gears from trading clothes to frosting cakes, cake decorating is a sweet shift into creativity. You and your buddies can dive into this delightful hobby and create edible art. Here’s how you can make the most of this activity:

  • Grab a bunch of plain cupcakes or a simple cake from the store. Or, hey, bake them together for extra fun!
  • Set up a station with various icings, sprinkles, and toppings. Get wild with color – food coloring lets you paint your sugary canvas in any shade.
  • Challenge each other to replicate complex designs you’ve found online or in cookbooks; it’s like an art class with a treat at the end.
  • Turn on some tunes and let your frosting flow to the beat. It’s amazing how music sets the mood for getting those creative juices pumping.
  • Make it a competition! Everyone loves a little friendly rivalry. Vote on who nails the best decoration—winner gets bragging rights.
  • Use this time to experiment with new techniques. Ever tried piping roses? Now’s as good a time as any!
  • Share your masterpieces on social media. Your friends will love seeing what you’ve made, and you might just inspire someone else to try their hand at decorating too.
  • And don’t forget to eat your creations! This is probably the best part, right? Enjoying the fruits (or cakes) of your labor.
Indoor Activities for Adults cooking

So, you’re feeling peckish and your crew is giving you the ‘what’s next?’ look. Welcome to foodie paradise, my friends – where we channel our inner Gordon Ramsay and mix it up with a little Iron Chef action (sans the TV crew and pressure-cooker environment).

This isn’t just about munching; it’s an epicurean quest that turns ordinary nights into gourmet adventures without having to fork out cash for fancy meals or leave a hefty tip at some overpriced bistro.

Grab those aprons because things are about to get deliciously competitive!

Wine tasting

Hey guys, let’s talk wine tasting. It’s a classy way to hang out at night and, trust me, it’s not just for the fancy folks.

  • Get together with the crew and host a virtual wine tasting party. Each friend can pick up a bottle or two—maybe get those cash back rewards on your credit card for some sweet deals.
  • Pair the wines with some killer snacks. Cheese plates, olives, pickled goodies—you name it, they’ll make your sips even better.
  • Set the scene with some fairy lights and chill music. It adds that touch of magic to your evening.
  • Do a little research on what you’re drinking. Knowing if it’s an oaky Chardonnay or a fruity Merlot makes you the guru of grapes among friends.
  • Take turns sharing thoughts about each wine. No wrong answers here; if it tastes like green apples to you, then that’s what counts!
  • Make it interesting by mixing in some blind taste tests. See who can guess the wine without seeing the label—no peeking!
  • Go beyond just tasting—rate each wine from 1 to 5 stars. Keep score and crown a winner at the end of the night.
  • Turn this into an engaging hobby by keeping notes in your phones or on paper. This way, you’ll remember your favorites for next time.
  • Switch things up by throwing in different beverages now and then. Maybe beers one night or themed cocktails another time.
  • Finish off with everyone picking their top wine of the night and sharing why it stood out.

Themed cocktail competition

I’m telling you, a themed cocktail competition with your buddies at night is the recipe for an epic time. We get to shake up our bartending skills and have a ton of laughs.

  • Pick a theme: Start by choosing something fun, like ‘Tropical Paradise’ or ‘Prohibition Era’ cocktails.
  • Gather supplies: Everyone brings their favorite liquors, mixers, and unique ingredients—think beyond just lemons and limes.
  • Set the stage: Create a cool setup with glasses, shakers, and garnish options laid out like we’re all pros.
  • Learn new tricks: Flip through a bartending guide or watch some tutorials together to master that fancy pour or shake.
  • Mix it up: We each make our own signature drink that screams the theme. Pineapple glasses? Yes, please!
  • Let the games begin: Take turns presenting our concoctions. Give each drink a creative name to add to the fun.
  • Vote on taste: After we try each other’s mixes, we vote—but no hard feelings—to crown the cocktail champ!
  • Snap some pics: Don’t forget to take photos of our creations; they might just go viral.
  • Pair with bites: Match those drinks with some themed snacks for extra points. Mini tacos for ‘Mexican Fiesta,’ anyone?
  • Keep it safe: Make sure there’s a plan for everyone to get home safely if they’ve had one too many ‘samples.’

International snack taste test

So, you’ve mixed up some wild drinks with your buddies, laughed it out, and guess what’s next? Dive into an international snack taste test. It’s not just munching on food; it’s a globe-trotting adventure right from your living room.

  • Pick Different Countries: Start by choosing several countries. Make sure everyone brings snacks from one place. You’ll get to try something new and learn a bit too.
  • Get Creative with Presentation: Lay out those snacks like you’re hosting a fancy event. Use plates, bowls, or even themed decorations to match the countries.
  • Pair with Drinks: If you want to kick things up a notch, find drinks that go well with the snacks you’ve got. It makes the flavors pop, and hey, why not?
  • Share Stories: While you’re tasting, talk about any memories or stories related to those places. Maybe someone’s been there or wants to go – this is the time to share.
  • Play a Guessing Game: Try guessing what’s in the snacks or which country they’re from if you don’t know already. Keep score for fun!
  • Rate Each Snack: Got opinions? Of course! Chat about what you like or don’t about each snack. Maybe even rank them for extra laughs.

Hot sauce challenge

I’ve got this wild idea for our next guys night – the hot sauce challenge. Trust me, it’ll be hotter than summer asphalt.

  • Grab an assortment of hot sauces. Hunt down everything from mild to “why did I do this to myself” spicy.
  • Whip up snacks that need a kick. Think wings, nachos, or even popcorn if we’re feeling brave.
  • Rate each sauce together. It’s like being judges on a cooking show but with more sweating and tears.
  • Get creative in the kitchen. Let’s see who can make the best hot sauce – inspired dish.
  • Document our reactions. This is prime material for a TikTok, or just to look back and laugh at later.
  • Cool down ready. Have milk, bread, and ice cream on standby because we’ll need them!
  • Remember, this is all about fun. No pressure to try the top tier of heat if it’s too much.

Homemade pizza making

Wow, that hot sauce challenge was fiery! But now, let’s cool things down and get our hands doughy with homemade pizza making.

  • Grab your buddies and clear the kitchen table. It’s time to create our own masterpieces with crust, sauce, and all the toppings we love.
  • Start with the dough. You can make it from scratch or buy pre-made bases if you’re short on time. Either way, tossing it is a blast!
  • Everyone picks their favorite sauces. Maybe you’re a classic tomato kinda guy or perhaps a BBQ sauce fanatic – go wild!
  • Toppings galore! This is where personal flair kicks in. Pepperoni? Sure. Pineapple? If that’s your thing!
  • Cheese it up! Sprinkle on as much or as little as you like of whatever cheeses strike your fancy.
  • Oven time! Watching them bake is part of the fun – maybe even make bets on who’s will look the best.
  • Slice and serve. Once they’re golden brown and smelling amazing, it’s time to dig in.
  • Pair with your favorite drinks. Maybe some cold beers or sodas to wash down all that cheesy goodness.
  • Bonus points for creative combos. Ever tried figs and prosciutto, or maybe some spicy chorizo? New flavors could be mind-blowing.

Relaxing Activities

What to Do at Night with Friends 6

So, you wanna chill out with the crew but in a totally relaxed vibe? Picture this: You’re kicked back with your best buds, diving into everything cozy and calm—from unwinding amidst mini spa treatments (yes, guys need pampering too!) to getting all caught up in those binge-worthy show marathons that you’ve been dying to watch together.

Mini spa night

Hey, guys! Let’s mix things up and have a mini spa night. Yeah, it may sound fancy, but hear me out—it’s all about chilling with the crew and getting those manly hands looking sharp.

We can clear the living room, throw on some chill music, and give each other manicures. Think about it—smooth skin, clean nails; we’ll be feeling fresh.

We don’t need to hit up a spa when we’ve got everything at home for a relaxing evening. Picture this: head massages to unwind after a long day, or trying out some face masks (the charcoal ones do wonders).

Throw in some good company and laughs; that’s how we beat boredom without stepping out the door. Plus, who doesn’t like to feel pampered every now and then? Trust me—it’ll be epic!

Book club

So, you’ve just had a chill mini spa night with the guys. Now let’s switch gears. Imagine this: It’s another evening, and there’s a stack of books on the coffee table. You’re thinking, “Books? Really?” But hear me out – starting a book club can be epic.

Picture it like your own personal adventurers’ guild, but instead of slaying dragons, you’re diving into mysteries and thrillers or maybe even those self-help books everyone talks about.

You don’t have to do it like your grandma did (no offense to grandmas). Make it cool – set up some comfy chairs, throw in some snacks (those international ones are always a hit), and crack open a few cold ones if that’s your style.

Then dive into whatever world you’ve all decided to explore together. Sure, reading might seem like solo work – but toss in some lively debate about who would win in a fight between Sherlock Holmes and Jack Reacher, and bam – you’ve got yourself an engaging hobby for those nights when going out isn’t on the cards.

Plus, stepping outside your comfort zone could lead to discovering your next favorite book or learning something wild about each other along the way!

TV show and movie marathons

Just finished discussing which thriller keeps you on the edge of your seat at book club? Great—now it’s time to switch gears and dive into some screen action. Grab your buddies, pop some corn, and hit play on a movie marathon or binge-watch that TV show everyone’s been raving about.

Don’t just watch anything—make it epic by revisiting the classics from our high school days. It feels good, right? Laughing at those old jokes and cringing at the fashion choices.

Or hey, maybe we make it an event—a TV pilot premiere party where we rate new shows over beers and snacks. To keep things interesting, we could even make bets on which series will be the next big thing.

Throw in some good-natured trash talk for pilots that miss the mark (we all know there’ll be a few) and you’ve got a night full of laughs and entertainment.

Planning your dream celebrity dinner party

So, I’m thinking about throwing the ultimate guy’s night in—planning a dream celebrity dinner party. Imagine this: you and your friends hanging out, pretending to host A-list celebrities.

First up, we’d brainstorm our guest list—choosing folks we’ve always wanted to meet or just find hilarious. Then we’d whip up some amazing meals. Maybe pull out a new recipe or two because it feels like a night to impress—even if it’s just us imagining famous faces at the table.

I’ve heard about foodie Instagram pages blowing up lately, so why not start one for fun? We could snap pics of our star-studded feast and share them online. To top off the cooking skills, learning how to plate food like a pro chef would be seriously cool too.

After all that planning and cooking, it might be time to unwind with some Tarot card reading..

Tarot card reading

Let’s spice up the night with something a bit mysterious – tarot card reading. You grab that old deck gathering dust in your drawer and suddenly, you’re the group’s fortune-teller.

Picture this: The room goes quiet as you lay down cards with ancient symbols, and everyone leans in to hear what secrets they reveal about their future. Sure, it might be all for fun – we don’t really know if those cards can tell the future or not.

But hey, it gets pretty intense when someone pulls out “The Death Card”, doesn’t it? Laughs, gasps, maybe even a mock fainting here and there; anything to keep the night interesting!

Now imagine using those mystical vibes from our tarot session to inspire our next move – some good ol’ backyard camping sleepover.

Adventurous Activities

What to Do at Night with Friends 7

Alright, thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies—this one’s for you. When the night falls, and that wild side is itching for an escapade, we’ve got a stash of ventures that’ll have you out there living your best nocturnal life.

No spoilers here, but let’s just say it involves taste buds on overdrive and a backyard turned oasis under the stars. Stay tuned!

Planning or picking your next trip

Hey guys, let’s talk about planning or picking your next trip. It’s an adventure waiting to happen right in your living room.

  1. Grab a world map and some darts. Throw the darts and see where they land—that could be your next destination.
  2. Make it a game of chance. Write down locations on pieces of paper, toss them into a hat, and pick one out.
  3. Fire up the computer and use travel sites to explore places you’ve never been. Look for hidden gems that catch your eye.
  4. Set a budget and find cool spots that won’t break the bank. This way, you keep it real with what you can afford.
  5. Check out meetup.com for groups traveling together. Maybe you’ll find some new buddies for the road.
  6. Start a conversation about everyone’s dream vacations—combine ideas for an epic group trip.
  7. Dig into travel blogs for off-the-beaten-path suggestions from those who know best.
  8. Use supermarket sweep rules—set a time limit to book something before deals expire or prices go up!
  9. Think of activities you love—hiking, scuba diving, or wine tasting—and choose a place famous for them.
  10. Tune into travel podcasts while hanging out; they’re full of tips and might inspire your choice.

Fast-food taste test

I’m telling you, there’s nothing like a fast-food taste test to kick boredom to the curb with your buddies. Picture this: you’re all blindfolded, chomping down on mystery burgers and fries, laughing and guessing where they’re from.

  • Choose Your Joints: Pick several popular fast-food places. Think about the big names everyone knows. You want a good mix.
  • Create the Menu: Grab a variety of items from each spot. Burgers, nuggets, and tacos all work great for this.
  • Keep It Secret: Make sure no one knows which food is coming from where. That’s part of the fun!
  • Blindfold Time: Everyone gets a blindfold. No peeking allowed! If you don’t have blindfolds, just use bandanas or scarves.
  • Take Turns Guessing: Each guy tries a bite and shouts out their guess. No hints – let’s see who really knows their stuff.
  • Scoreboard Setup: Have a whiteboard or piece of paper ready to keep score of who gets what right.
  • Throw in Some Dares: Add special challenges between rounds. Maybe someone has to double down on that spicy wing if they guess wrong?
  • Capture the Moments: Take photos or film it! You’ll want evidence of those hilarious faces everyone makes while tasting.
  • Declare a Winner: Tally up the scores at the end and crown your fast-food king!
  • Talk About Next Time: Finish off by planning another crazy night like this one. Maybe add new places or switch up the menu.

Backyard camping sleepover

After chowing down on some epic fast-food, it’s time to shift gears and get wild with a backyard camping sleepover. Trust me, this is the ultimate blend of adventure and chilling at home with your crew.

FAQs About What to Do at Night with Friends

What are some fun things to do on a guys’ night?

Ah, for a cool guys’ night… How about hitting up a scavenger hunt? You could also make smores, jam on the ukelele (even if you’re not great at it), or get competitive with word searches!

Can we turn hobbies into something to do at night?

You bet! Take any hobby—you know, like coloring books or making overnight oats for breakfast—and just do it under the stars. It’s all about having a laugh and doing what you love with your pals.

What’s an exciting outdoor activity for night-time adventures?

Ever heard of geocaching? It’s treasure hunting using GPS—super cool after dark! And hey, if you’re feeling brave (and in the right place) why not go skinny-dipping? Just saying—it’s quite the thrill.

Got any quirky ideas that beat just watching TV?

Totally! Ever tried pet-sitting together? It’s odd but fun. Or get your hands dirty in the kitchen whipping up some midnight lunches—or hold silent auctions for goofy items from your homes!

Is there anything relaxing we can do while hanging out at night?

For sure—for something chill, how about starting gratitude journals together? Sounds mushy maybe, but trust me—it feels pretty good jotting down happy thoughts by lamplight.

Additional Activities to Do at Night with Friends
  1. Play mini golf at a blacklight course where everything glows in the dark.
  2. Go to a trampoline park and see who can pull off the craziest flips and tricks.
  3. Take a pottery class and get creative making mugs, bowls, or sculptures out of clay.
  4. Go ice skating at a local rink for some chilly fun on the ice.
  5. Check out a late night comedy show at a local comedy club for guaranteed laughs.
  6. Volunteer together at a homeless shelter or food bank to help give back.
  7. Go to the batting cages and challenge each other to see who can hit the most home runs.
  8. Take a ghost tour around town and see if you spot any paranormal activity.
  9. Play laser tag or paintball for an action-packed good time.
  10. Visit a hookah lounge to try out crazy flavored tobacco.
  11. Go to a karaoke bar and belt out your favorite tunes.
  12. Check out the midnight movie screening at a local theater of a cult classic film.
  13. Go thrifting and see what crazy items you can find at secondhand stores after dark.
  14. Take a dance class like salsa, swing, hip hop, etc. and learn some new moves.
  15. Drive go karts at a local speedway for fast-paced racing action.
  16. Go to the local arcade and challenge each other to beat high scores.
  17. Take a cocktail making class and learn how to mix fancy drinks.
  18. Go to a trapeze class and learn how to fly through the air with the greatest of ease.
  19. Take a late night bike ride along the beach under the moonlight.
  20. Go bowling and compete to get strikes and spares.
  21. Take a spooky ghost tour to hear chilling tales about your town’s haunted history.
  22. Stargaze at an astronomy event at a local park or observatory.
  23. Volunteer at an animal shelter, helping to walk, groom or feed the animals.
  24. Go to a minor league baseball game and enjoy the park at night.
  25. Check out a midnight movie screening at a retro theater.
  26. Go to a late night diner and split some crazy milkshakes.
  27. Take surfing lessons under the stars for a cool ocean adventure.
  28. Play pool or darts at a local tavern or billiards hall.
  29. Go to a trampoline park and master slam dunks into the foam pits.
  30. Take a hip hop dance class and learn how to bust a move.
  31. Go indoor rock climbing at a local climbing gym.
  32. Check out the dazzling lights display at a local botanical garden.
  33. Ride bumper cars and other carnival rides at a local theme park.
  34. Play video or arcade games at a late night entertainment complex.
  35. Take a glass blowing workshop and make your own art.
  36. Go on a spooky ghost tour to check out your town’s most haunted spots.
  37. Take a late night yoga class under the stars for some chill vibes.
  38. Play mini golf at a blacklight course with neon obstacles.
  39. Ride go-karts at a local speedway as fast as you can.
  40. Check out the talent at an open mic night at a local cafe.
  41. Go to a trampoline park and master some aerial acrobatic tricks.
  42. Take a paddleboard yoga class for a cool combination on the water.
  43. Play laser tag or paintball out in an intense battlefield.
  44. Take a late night bike ride to grab a sweet treat.
  45. Go on a photo scavenger hunt around downtown after dark.
  46. Volunteer at an animal shelter, helping walk and play with the pets.
  47. Check out the stars using high powered telescopes with an astronomy group.
  48. Take a cocktail workshop class and learn how to mix fancy drinks.
  49. Play frisbee golf at a local park under the moonlight.
  50. Take a glass blowing workshop and make a decorative piece.
  51. Go rollerblading along the boardwalk under the stars.
  52. Take surf lessons and hang ten under a night sky.
  53. Check out an outdoor movie screening at a park or beach.
  54. Take a late night pole dancing class and learn some sultry moves.
  55. Go to a video game arcade and challenge friends to dance battles.
  56. Take a ghost tour to check out your town’s most haunted spots.
  57. Go thrifting at late night vintage shops to find hidden treasures.
  58. Play midnight mini golf on a neon glowing course.
  59. Take a late night trapeze class and learn how to fly through the air.
  60. Check out the talent performing at an open mic poetry slam.
  61. Take a glass blowing workshop and get creative with molten glass.
  62. Go on a late night bike ride to get fast food at a 24 hour drive-thru.
  63. Play pool or darts at a local tavern and practice trick shots.
  64. Volunteer at a homeless shelter serving hot meals to those in need.
  65. Take surf lessons under the stars to catch some cool waves.
  66. Go roller skating at a local rink with disco lights and music.
  67. Play video games all night long in multiplayer battle mode.
  68. Check out the stars using high powered telescopes at an astronomy event.
  69. Take a late night trapeze class and learn aerial acrobatic skills.
  70. Go thrifting at quirky secondhand stores open late at night.
  71. Take a glass blowing workshop and get creative with hot molten glass.
  72. Play laser tag or paintball out in an intense neon battlefield.
  73. Ride bumper cars and other carnival rides at a late night theme park.
  74. Check out the dazzling lights display at a local botanical garden.
  75. Go indoor rock climbing at a local gym with a massive wall.
  76. Take a spooky ghost tour to hear chilling tales about your town’s haunted history.
  77. Play mini golf at a blacklight course with wacky neon obstacles.
  78. Go bowling and compete to get strikes and spares at cosmic bowling.
  79. Ride go-karts at a local speedway as fast as you possibly can.
  80. Take a late night yoga class and master poses under the stars.
  81. Check out the talent at an open mic night at a funky cafe.
  82. Play pool or darts at a local tavern and practice trick shots.
  83. Take paddleboard yoga for a soothing flow on the water.
  84. Go on a photo scavenger hunt around downtown after dark.
  85. Volunteer at an animal shelter, helping walk and play with the pets.
  86. Stargaze at an astronomy event at a local park.
  87. Take surf lessons and hang ten under a glittering night sky.
  88. Play frisbee golf at a local park’s neon lit course.
  89. Take a late night bike ride along the beach under the moonlight.
  90. Go rollerblading along the neon lit boardwalk under the stars.
  91. Check out an outdoor movie screening at a beach or park.
  92. Take a cocktail workshop class and learn how to mix fancy drinks.
  93. Go thrifting at quirky vintage shops open late into the night.
  94. Play laser tag or paintball in an intense blacklit battlefield.
  95. Take a paddleboard yoga class under the stars for something different.
  96. Check out the talent at an open mic poetry slam.
  97. Take a late night pole dancing class and learn some sultry moves.
  98. Go to a video game arcade and challenge friends to dance battles.
  99. Take a ghost tour to check out your town’s most haunted spots.
  100. Go on a late night bike ride to grab a sweet treat at a 24 hour diner.




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