Rich People Activities: 17 Opulent Hobbies of the Ultra Wealthy

Ever felt like you’re just waiting around for something thrilling to break the routine? I totally understand that feeling. Between flights and daily grinds, life really does need a splash of excitement.

Lucky for you, I’ve dipped my toes into the world of swanky escapades usually reserved for those with deep pockets – we’re talking yachting adventures that’ll set you back $5,000 a day! In this post, we’re going to journey through some opulent pastimes that transform your run-of-the-mill days into luxurious experiences.

Are you ready to peek behind the velvet curtain and explore their glitzy universe with me? Let’s unveil their world together!

Key Takeaways

Rich people enjoy hobbies that show off their wealth, like yachting for $5,000 a day or playing polo with ponies that can cost up to $250,000.

They collect rare things such as exotic pets, antiques, vintage cars worth millions of dollars, and fine art by famous artists, which are big investments.

Their adventures include climbing Mount Everest for around $25,000 and gambling where the buy – in might be $1 million. Some also love skydiving, with gear costing up to $9,000.

Wealthy individuals travel the world in style and can spend over a million bucks on trips that involve private jets and exclusive resorts.

Besides having fun, many rich folks make wine from vineyards costing around $100K per acre and give back through charity work—more than half are into philanthropy.

The Hobbies of the Wealthy

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Oh, to be a fly on the wall of the elite’s playrooms… You’d witness a world where hobbies aren’t just pastimes; they’re statements. From steering a gleaming yacht through azure waves to thwacking a polo ball—or is that ‘thwack’ too commoner?—these activities are less about filling time and more about embodying an extravagant lifestyle.

It’s not just what you do; it’s who you become while doing it. Stay tuned, folks, we’re about to sail into the heart of luxury leisure.


I’ve got to tell you, yachting is something else. Imagine this: you step onto a sleek boat that’s all yours for the day. You’re out there on the ocean, with just the sound of waves and seagulls.

It’s not cheap, though – renting one can hit your wallet hard at $5,000 a day! But hey, if I had the cash to drop on a $50 million luxury yacht? You bet I’d be sailing every chance I got.

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Now picture zipping across the water in my cigarette boat—you know, those really fast ones that look like they belong in a spy movie? They aren’t much cheaper either; price tags from $16,000 to over $4 million shout “big spender.” So yeah, yachting is definitely up there on rich folks’ hobby list.

It’s where you trade the noise of city life for some high-class peace and adventure—pricey but totally worth it!


Polo isn’t just a sport, it’s a lifestyle for those with deep pockets. Imagine riding on a horse, mallet in hand, aiming for that small white ball. It’s like hockey on grass but with an elegant twist.

And let me tell you, joining the Detroit Polo Club costs a whopping $3,000 a year – yep, no loose change there! Buying your own polo pony? You might need to shell out up to $250,000.

That’s more than some houses!

Being part of the polo scene means rubbing shoulders with some high-flyers and enjoying fancy after-parties. It’s not just about having skills on the field; it’s also about travelling like a one-percenter and living that plush life.

So there you have it—polo is where horsepower meets luxury and both are through the roof!

Race Car Driving

Now, let’s shift gears from the refined grass of polo to the roaring engines at the racetrack. Race car driving is where serious thrills meet big spending. Just picture this: strapping into a high-powered machine and hitting speeds that make your heart race.

It’s not cheap, though—getting behind the wheel for just three, eight-minute sessions can set you back $2,000.

I’ve heard guys talk about how addicting the speed is; it’s like nothing else on earth. Imagine shelling out up to $1,000 for those few minutes of adrenaline-pumping excitement—it’s no wonder only folks with deep pockets often take part in this hobby.

But hey, if you’ve got the cash and live for the rush, race car driving might be right up your alley!

Big-Game Hunting

I’ve got to tell you about big-game hunting—it’s like the ultimate challenge for some rich guys out there. Imagine spending up to $70,000 just to track down a wild animal! It’s not just buying a fancy gun or paying those hunting taxes; think about flying off to some distant land and then all the cash that goes into guides and gear.

Hunting exotic game is a major deal with lots of costs that add up quick.

After talking about chasing animals on safari, let’s switch gears to something smoother—like gliding across the dance floor. Yes, I’m hitting on ballroom dancing next!

Ballroom Dancing

So here’s the deal with ballroom dancing—it’s not just any old hobby. We’re talking up to $10,000 a year! Fancy shoes, elegant outfits, and those competition fees really add up. It’s like stepping into another world where gliding across the dance floor costs more than a pretty penny.

You see, this kind of dancing is what some of the richest folks do for fun. They waltz and tango their way through these grand events, where everyone watches them shine. Sure beats waiting around in an airport lounge or sitting at home, right? Plus, it’s no secret that having moves on the dance floor can turn heads at those swanky parties they love to throw!

Rare Collections Owned by the Rich

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Ever stumble upon something so unique, so outrageously cool, you just had to tell someone about it? That’s pretty much a Tuesday for the rich folk. These guys aren’t just picking up seashells on the beach; they’re curating collections that most of us wouldn’t even dream of—think less ‘nice stamp album,’ more ‘I own every racehorse with a name starting with “M.”‘ It’s like their pockets are as deep as their desire to hoard history and exclusivity… and let me tell ya, those pockets run deep.

Exotic Animals

Let’s talk about some fancy pets. Not just any pet, but exotic animals like cheetah cubs, tiger cubs, and lion cubs. Wow! Right? Having one of these wild creatures is a huge deal. I mean, you’re looking at spending thousands to bring them home.

And after that? Get ready to shell out over $8,000 each year just for their care.

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Having an exotic animal as a buddy is kind of like showing off a shiny sports car—it screams luxury and rare taste. People can’t help but gawk in awe (or maybe shock). But it’s not all fun and games; this hobby has some serious price tags attached to it.

It’s clear why only the super-rich can play this game—it takes more than a fat wallet to join this club; it takes a mountain of cash!


Old stuff can be super cool, especially if it’s rare and has a story. Imagine having a living room with a Persian silk rug that’s been around longer than anyone you know—150 years old and worth over $250,000! Just picture friends coming over, their eyes popping out when they see this piece of history on your floor.

Some rich folks love filling their homes with antiques like these. They get chairs, tables, even statues that are so old no one makes them anymore. But it’s not just about being fancy; for some guys, it’s the thrill of owning something that stood the test of time—like being part of a secret club from way back when.

Now imagine what it must be like to have cars in your garage that are as old as those rugs but still run like beasts.

Vintage Cars

I have a thing for vintage cars, and trust me, I’m not alone. Picture this—a 1954 Mercedes Formula One race car that goes for a cool $29.7 million. Yeah, you heard that right! Owning one of these beauties is like having a piece of history in your garage.

It’s not just about the car; it’s about the story behind it.

Now, maintaining these classics? Not child’s play, my friend. They’re like high-maintenance thoroughbreds—requiring time, passion, and yes—a truckload of cash. But hey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it! Cruising down the street in one of these vintages is bound to turn heads and start conversations at every corner.

It’s not just driving; it’s reliving an era long gone, but definitely not forgotten.

Fine Art

Right after talking about those stunning vintage cars, let’s shift gears to the world of fine art. Fancy paintings and sculptures aren’t just for looking at—they’re big-time investments.

Imagine owning a Picasso or a Gauguin! We’re talking about art pieces that cost as much as a small island.

So, it’s not just about filling up mansions with pretty pictures. Rich folks buy these amazing artworks, thinking they’ll sell them for more later on. They get to enjoy some incredible masterpieces while making smart moves with their money (talk about a win-win).

And hey, having an original masterpiece at home is sure to impress any guest—much like showing off an epic car collection but maybe even classier.

Exciting Adventures Enjoyed by the Affluent

Rich People Activities 4

There’s a certain thrill that comes with diving into the world of the affluent, and let me tell you, their idea of an adventure is something else entirely – think scaling rugged mountains for fun or soaring high above the clouds in a balloon; it’s not your average weekend plan.

Want to get a taste of that high-flying action? Stay tuned…

Mountain Climbing

I’ve got to tell you, mountain climbing is not just a walk in the park – it’s an adventure that thrills like no other! Picture this: you’re perched high up on Mount Everest, with nothing but the sky above and the world stretching out below.

It’s breathtaking, really. But here’s the kicker, the cost for that view isn’t cheap. We’re talking about shelling out $11,000 just for a license to climb! And let’s not forget, even those who go for a budget-friendly trip end up spending around $25,000.

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So why do rich folks love scaling mountains? It gives them a rush unlike any other hobby can deliver. This isn’t your casual hiking trip; it’s battling cold winds at base camp and pushing past your limits as you reach new heights – literally.

Every step takes serious grit (and cash), so when I see someone who has conquered those peaks, I tip my hat to them because they’ve done something extraordinary. As hobbies for men go, or if we’re waiting for our next big challenge after horse racing or high-stakes poker — mountain climbing could be that edgy thrill we seek!

Hot Air Ballooning

Leaving the thrill of scaling peaks behind, let’s float into the skies with hot air ballooning. The view up there? Simply breathtaking. Imagine soaring above the clouds, where everything is peaceful, and you can see for miles.

This isn’t just any ride; it’s a luxurious trip through the sky that makes you feel like a bird without wings.

You’re in this huge basket, right? And it gets quiet except for when that burner roars to life—it’s like nature’s mute button got hit. Wealthy folks love this adventure because it’s a chance to unwind and take in sights they can’t get anywhere else.

It truly is an extravagant way to spend your morning or afternoonfloating on air with nothing but beauty below.

High-Stakes Gambling

So, let’s talk about high-stakes gambling. It’s not just a game—it’s an adrenaline rush. Picture this: I’m sitting at a table where the buy-in could be a cool million. That’s right, some poker games are so intense that you need $1 million just to get in on the action! And here we’re talking about playing at the casino for real money, where fortunes can change with the turn of a card.

I’ve heard stories of guys waiting for a flight, killing time with online bets, but imagine doing it surrounded by luxury and high rollers in some swanky place like Vegas or Monaco.

The stakes? They’re through the roof—just like the excitement level. You feel every heartbeat when those chips stack up and each decision could mean winning big or going home empty-handed.

Trust me, it doesn’t get more thrilling than this!


You know, skydiving is not just jumping out of a plane—it’s like joining a club where the membership fees are sky-high! I mean, we’re talking about shelling out between $5,000 and $9,000 for your own gear.

Whew! That’s a chunk of change that could make anyone’s wallet feel light as air. But hey, if you’ve got the dough, it’s one unforgettable way to see the world from up above.

For folks with deep pockets, soaring through the clouds isn’t just a thrill; it’s another day in their extravagant lives. Ordinary Joe can’t easily touch this sport because of its luxury price tag.

If you ask me why rich guys dig skydiving so much? Well, there’s something irresistible about that rush—the freedom and excitement are quite addictive. Now, let’s dive deeper into what else gets the richest hearts racing – how about exploring underwater mysteries with scuba diving?

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is definitely in the league of rich folks’ playbooks. Imagine slipping beneath the waves, where it’s just you and the colorful sea life—that’s freedom right there! But here’s the deal: renting a yacht to dive off can chew through cash faster than a shark on a feeding frenzy.

We’re talking up to $5,000 for one day. And if you’re thinking about owning one of those floating palaces? Get ready to shell out as much as $50 million.

Getting geared up with tanks, suits, and all that high-tech stuff adds more zeroes to the bill—but man, I hear it’s worth every penny. Down there in the deep blue, wealthy divers get to explore secret underwater worlds that most of us only see in movies or dreams.

It’s an extravagant hobby, for sure—but imagine telling your buddies about swimming alongside incredible creatures most people never come face-to-face with. That kind of experience comes with a hefty price tag, but what an adventure!

World Travel

Talking about diving into the deep blue, there’s something even bigger that rich folks love doing. They take world travel to the next level. Imagine jet-setting from one country to another without a blink of an eye! It’s no small pocket change, either—circling the globe in luxury can hit a cool million bucks.

Now, I’ve heard stories of these epic trips where men soar across skies, trek through jungles, and sail across oceans all in one go. You’re talking private jetsexclusive resorts, you name it.

Picture this: breakfast in Paris, lunch over the Sahara desert aboard Ed Force One with Bruce Dickinson at the controls (how cool would that be?), and then dinner under the stars on some remote island.

That’s not just traveling; that’s living like a rock star!

The More Serene Pastimes of the Wealthy

Rich People Activities 3

Ah, the quiet side of luxury… you know, not every rich folks’ pastime involves adrenaline or a tuxedo. Some indulge in the finer things at a slower pace—the kind that lets them savor each moment like a fine wine from their own vineyard (talk about win-win).

Ever imagine yourself curled up with an age-old book in an expansive personal library? Or maybe casually tossing chips across the velvet green of a high-stakes poker game—without breaking a sweat—because hey, it’s just another Tuesday night for these guys.

It’s all about balance; after all, even the most lavish lifestyles need a breather now and then.


So, you’re curious about winemaking? Let me tell you—it’s not just for any regular Joe. It’s a hobby that screams, “I’ve got more than a few bucks to spare.” Imagine owning acres of lush vines in Napa Valley, where the price tag can make your wallet weep—about $100,000 per acre.

That’s right; it’s like buying a fancy sports car and then some.

Now picture this: You stroll through rows of grapevines, with the sun painting the sky pink and orange as it sets. It’s peaceful, but let me be clear—it takes serious cash to play this game.

Some folks out there actually own their own vineyards and craft wines with their very names on them! They swirl their glasses at oh-so-fancy gatherings and say things like, “Ah, I made this.” But hey, don’t get too swept away by the romance of it all.

The cost to join this exclusive club? Whew! That’s why when older men look for hobbies that shout luxury loud enough for the next town over to hear—winemaking is right up there at the top.


So, after the thrill of poker, let’s ease into something a bit more laid-back. I love to grab a book and dive into its pages. It’s not just me; lots of rich folks find joy in reading too.

Books open up worlds – they can take you back in time or shoot you off to faraway places without leaving your comfy chair.

For many big shots, reading isn’t only about fun; it sharpens their minds as well. They say that understanding complex stories and ideas makes them better thinkers and leaders. And hey, if it works for them, why not for us? Whether it’s novels or news articles, soaking up some words is like feeding your brain – kinda cool when you think about it!


I’ve got to tell you, giving back is a big deal for folks with deep pockets. More than half of the super-rich are into philanthropy. It’s not just about writing checks, either; they’re all in, setting up foundations or supporting schools and hospitals.

They say it feels good to give back, and I can imagine that’s true.

For me? I might not have millions to share, but I do believe in helping out where I can. Whether it’s volunteering at local shelters or donating what I can spare, it makes a difference.

And think about this – if people who have so much find joy in giving some away, maybe there’s something special there for all of us too.

Living Luxuriously

So, we’ve peeked into the lavish lives of those with deep pockets. From sailing across oceans to betting big at poker tables, they’ve got excitement down to a science. And let’s not forget sipping on wine from their own vineyards or diving sky-high for thrills! It’s quite the ride, don’t you think? But hey, who says we can’t dream a little too?

FAQs About Rich People Activities

What kind of hobbies do older rich guys get into?

Well, you’d be surprised! These fellas like to splash out on some pretty fancy stuff. Think wineries—a whole vineyard to sip wine from—and that’s just for starters. They might play golf, collect expensive art, or even say “why not?” and go hunt big game on a safari!

Can anyone visit these swanky wineries?

Oh yeah! You can totally stroll through those grapevines and taste some top-notch wine—just like the rich folks do. It’s all about feeling fancy for a day (or two). But remember, you might need to book ahead… these places can be pretty popular.

Are there any wild activities that wealthy people love?

You bet! Some rich adventurers become climbers—they tackle huge mountains and cliffs just because they can (and it’s one way to show off!). Or they’ll chase thrills by jetting off in their private planes… talk about living the high life!

Is big game hunting really a thing with the elite crowd?

Absolutely—it’s like a tradition for some of these wealthy types (even though it’s not everyone’s cup of tea). They travel to exotic places with guides who help them hunt—yes, it’s controversial—but hey, when you’ve got money burning a hole in your pocket…



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