Waterproof Gadgets with Liquipel Coating

Over the years there have been quite a few cases for smart phones that make them water proof/resistant. They seem to work fine, but are usually pretty bulky and more importantly, ugly.  Now there is a revolutionary new way to protect your cell phone from being damaged by liquids thanks to Liquipel coating.

According to the manufacturer, Liquipel coating is invisible to the human eye and it is impossible to tell whether a device has the coating applied to it; it’s 1,000 times thinner than a human hair.  The coating is applied to the entire exterior and internal components of the device without it affecting any of the functionality.  The device needs to be sent to the manufacturer where they take it apart and apply Liquipel coating; the process takes about a day or two and costs $59.  Currently only 9 cell phones are approved for this treatment (see list here) but the list should grow over time.

I’m not sure if Liquipel really works, watching the video below almost makes it look fake, which could be because of the low-budget 90’s style video.  But if it does work, it could save a lot of people hundreds of dollars because most of us have at one point spilled some sort of liquid on our phones.  Hopefully in the future all electronic devices come coated with Liquipel from the factory.

Liquipel Coating Video

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