The Wardrobe Makes the Businessman

Building a business wardrobe isn’t something to be taken lightly. People make first impressions quickly, sometimes from across the room. While it is nice to think that appearance isn’t a factor in how capable someone thinks you are, it usually is. Take care in choosing all elements of your attire at every level of your career to more quickly reach the next level up.

Custom Suit

You don’t have to start building your business wardrobe with a custom suit but it should be at the top of your list when you are ready to take your fashion game to the next level.

In the beginning, a suit off the rack will do – but only if you have it tailored to fit your body properly. This takes an additional investment but it is minimal and it will make a world of difference in how the suit hangs and the way people perceive you.

Once you have moved up the corporate ladder, however, it is imperative that you begin dressing the part. A FERREIRA European custom suit gives you the freedom to choose the style, fabric, and details which will make it unique to your personal style.


Choosing the perfect tie for your suit is essential. No matter what type of suit you are wearing you will want to ensure the colors, fabrics, and trim details of the tie are appropriately coordinated. Depending on your level of detail, the tie should also coordinate with the pocket square. However, this is not something all suits require.

Ties are where businessmen have the opportunity to show off a little of their personal style, even in the most conservative of offices. If you enjoy luxury fabrics, invest in handwoven silk ties. Alternatively, if the corporate world is too stuffy and you need a little room to let your individuality shine, you can always choose a fashion forward tie from a contemporary and edgy designer.


It can take a little bit of practice for a man to develop an interest in shoes. For women, it seems to come more naturally and is an extension of the entire outfit they put together. The same should be true for men even they don’t tend to have the same level of choice when it comes to choosing dressier shoes.

When you are just starting out, a good pair of shoes in black and brown are fine. But as your begin to upgrade your look, nuance will become more necessary in all areas of your wardrobe – including shoes.

Buying shoes begins with finding the perfect fit. It doesn’t matter how stylish they appear if wearing them feels like a Medieval torture device. It is possible to find a good fit and stylish shoes in some locations, but as with your suits it makes sense to consider custom shoes when your budget allows.


Women are meticulous in choosing just the right accessories for their outfits. These can include earrings, rings, necklaces, watches, and other jewelry as well as the briefcase, purse, and tech she carries. While men don’t have quite as many options available, they still need to put in the time to make sure what they choose to accessorize with makes a good impression.

Watches are one area that men have a lot of room to flex their fashion muscles. You could choose to go with a classic Omega or Rolex or a high-tech piece if you prefer to be on the cutting edge of technology. There are also a number of styles from which to choose which gives watches much the same role as other jewelry items for women.

The briefcase you choose is another area where it makes sense to invest in the best piece you can afford. It is the one accessory that is unlikely to be swapped out frequently so make sure you choose something that is classic enough to go with everything without being boring.

Building a business wardrobe is something you will do over the course of your career. Each time you replace an item, try to upgrade it to something a bit nicer. Eventually you will have a wardrobe that announces your success before you introduce yourself.




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