How To Clean Floors With The iLIFE V5 Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

The ILIFE V5 automatic robot vacuum floor cleaner is an updated model of the most popular intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner. The main difference is that the mop clothing both removable and washable is available, hence, provide a higher clean efficiency. It is used to clean multi-floor surfaces such as hardwood, tile, linoleum, low/hard carpets, but not designed for a shag or thick carpets. ILIFE V5 has 4 cleaning modes i.e. schedule cleaning, automatic cleaning, edge cleaned and spot cleaning. It automatically docks and recharges itself when it is almost going out of power.

The vacuum has a quiet 55dB deign which produces low noise, hence producing a comfortable surrounding. It has a powerful suctioning ability, and it cleans larger areas of up to 150sq meters. You can avoid dropping it as it has a sensitive IR sensor at the bottom, which detects the high gap of not less than 5cm height. The slim design of 70mm enables one to work in narrow spaces.

There is a daily schedule cleaning plan available, and you get to set the start time, hence make the daily cleaning time fixed even if you are not around. It has 10ses of OBS sensors, 5 IR receivers and 1 set of wall sensor on the body which makes the vacuum recognize barriers and avoid a collision. Light color barrier indicates that you should change your direction at around 0.5cm distance while deep color barrier indicates that you should slow down the speed, lightly touch the barrier and then change directions. The 3 sets of cliff sensors are what makes ILFE V5 robot vacuum cleaner.

The ILIFE V5 has a 19V 0.6A adapter and a built- in Li-battery 2600mAH which works for 90-110mins and its charging time is 250-300mins which is either automatic or manual. It has anti-bump sensors, touch screen buttons and has a compound eye detection system. It is controlled by a remote control that uses 2 X AAA batteries. Its intelligent digital recognizer at the bottom detects dust and even hair from pets, then make the spot clean and when it reaches a wall it can clean along it. Its weight is 4.5lbs

When you buy the ILIFE V5, the package consists of the robot vacuum cleaner, a dust box, HEPA filter, cleaning brush with extra side brushes. Has a nanofiber mop cloth that measures 400cm with hook-type structures better for cleaning and scrubbing deep cracks. The cloth can be removed easily, washed using water and returned once it dries. It also has an AC Adapter, charging dock and a user manual. The wheels of the robot are made of high-density rubber which is soft for easy climbing and protecting the floor.

It sells for $164.99 and has a 12-month warranty.



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