Taking Care of What’s Down South: A Shoe Buying Mini-Guide for Men

Your shoes are the foundation that you stand on, day in and day out, and they need to not only be the right fit, but the right style, as well. Many men believe that no one likely notices their shoes, and it doesn’t matter what kind of choice they make. This isn’t true, however. Studies have found that most do judge people by their footwear. The way the feet are shod is usually weighted at about 25%. It’s important to pay attention to how you shop for shoes, then.

Find the right fit

If you always believed that you needed nothing more to obtain a great pair shoes than have the store clerk measure your feet, you’re in for a surprise. A number of factors, including the season, and when you woke up, can affect how a pair of shoes fit you.

The feet tend to be at their smallest, right after you get up. Your feet begin to gently swell once they’ve been in use for a few hours. Whatever time of the day that you may decide to go to the shoe store, you need to make sure that you’ve been on your feet for a while. This will ensure that your feet are at their largest.

The shoes you get should be a great fit right at the store. Many fall for a pair, but then find that no size fits them correctly. This happens because shoe sizes are measured on coarse scales, and different shoe manufacturers use slightly different measures, as well. You may decide to get a size that’s either too tight or too large.

Neither will work. Tight shoes never get better after you “break them in,” and loose ones cause foot injuries (imagine running in loose shoes, and stopping suddenly; your feet slide forward, causing you to stub your toes inside your shoes). If you’re buying athletic shoes, you should go to a store that offers professional fitting. The salespeople there have training making far more accurate fits than at other stores.

Be wary of high-tech shoes

Manufacturers that make running shoes come up with all kinds of complicated inventions on a regular basis, claiming to offer protection for your feet for every specific activity that you may have in mind. Just as regularly, however, research tends to discredit the claims made for roll bars, thrust enhancers, balance pods and other technologies, even if such findings arrive years after those products go off the market. Before you fall for some high-tech claim, then, you want to read up on whether the claims made actually make any sense. If there is no publicly available research on it, you should probably pass.

Go with instinct

No matter how high-tech a shoe may be, you want to exercise personal judgment. Do your feet feel comfortable? Are there seams, rough materials, tags or anything else that hurt the skin? Is the arch support correctly placed? You don’t want to wear shoes that are wrong for your feet, because you’ll end up hurt.

There are other tests that you can try. Feel the material of the sole. If you were the stand on the edge of a step with the shoes on, would you feel the edge? Soles as thin wouldn’t give you much protection against sharp objects.

Don’t forget style

At this point, men don’t tend to put as much stock in shoe style as women. Nevertheless, some attention is usually paid. Unless you want people wondering at your impaired sense of style, you want more than just a couple of pairs of shoes to cover different situations. Formal shoes with perforated toe balls or whole-cuts work with business suits. Dressy clothes need wingtips or Bluchers, and jeans or chinos need penny loafers or sneakers. You can pull anything off with shorts, including Reef leather flip flops for men.

Consider custom-made shoes

A century ago, all footwear was bespoke. Custom fits still do have their place in an age of mass manufacturing, however. In some people, mass-market sizes and shapes simply do not fit well. The shoes tend to be expensive, however; the market aimed is a wealthy one. However, if your feet aren’t happy in regular shoes, custom shoes should be an option. Your feet will be much healthier for them.

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