Virtual Mountain Bike Race Simulator

Over the last couple of years we’ve written about quite a few video game racing simulators but the Virtual Mountain Bike race simulator is a little different.  It’s actually good for your health because it’s an exercise bike disguised as a racing simulator.

The exercise bike comes with a 17” LCD screen that simulates racing on 80 different courses, complete with opponents.  The user pedals like they would on a normal exercise cycle and the computer generated rider on the screen responds accordingly.  Pedal harder to pass opponents and turn left and right using the handle bar.  The exercise bike comes with electronically controlled pedal resistance to simulate uphill and downhill terrain.  The seat is equipped with a sensor that sense whether the rider is pedaling while sitting or standing and shows the “avatar” on the screen accordingly.

The Virtual Mountain Bike race simulator isn’t cheap with a price tag of $7,000.  I don’t think it’s really worth it, you could get a regular exercise bike for much cheaper and if you want that outdoors feeling, well, how about you go outside and ride a real bike.  It’s too cold, you say?  Maybe buy an Xbox or PS3 with a bike racing simulation game.

Virtual Mountain Bike Race Simulator



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