Vacuum Sealed People – It’s Kind Of Like Human Leftovers

I drink a lot (a lot), so it stands to reason that I spend a lot of time up late at night giggling at cockamamie inventions on infomercials; one in particular that seems like it would be hilarious (and more than likely, very dangerous) in my hands is the home vacuum sealing machine. Japanese Photographer Hal spent most of 2011 shooting a series called ‘Flesh Love’ straight out of my alcohol fueled nightmares by taking all manner of probably very nice couples, and turning them into creepy, awful vacuum sealed people. Honestly, these pictures are so bizarre that they swing right back around to becoming incredibly interesting. 

Vacuum Sealed People – It’s Kind Of Like Human Leftovers

Flipping through these pictures, I couldn’t help but note down all the weird, uncomfortable things that the Flesh Love vacuum sealed people brought to my mind. For one, it’s eerie once you realize how much compressed human skin looks like hotdogs in packaging. I’m sorry- you’ll never unsee that now; especially when you imagine peeling the wrapper off a J-pop star and dropping her into some boiling hot water. Or, maybe it’s like those gelatinous foam dinosaurs you used to get when you were a kid- drop your vacuum sealed Japanese sex twins into the bathtub, and they’ll absorb enough water to grow into life size party favours. Dare I even say that they’re like Sea Monkeys? If you dump the packaging straight into a swimming pool, your gaggle of freshness-guaranteed kabuki dolls will rehydrate and start pantomiming your favourite underwater anime. I did mention I drink a lot, right? Good luck ever trying to eat vacuum sealed meat ever again.

Truth be told, I wonder more than anything what it must have been like to be a vacuum sealed person. Very few of the subjects have their eyes open… is that because their eyeballs could have been sucked out of their heads, or simply because no one really wants Saran wrap squeezing directly against their pupils? And what about breathing?! People manage to off themselves all the time trying to get a little pleasure out of cutting off their air supply, so I’m fairly certain that actively sucking all the air out of both your environment and your lungs simultaneously is a pretty horrible, uncomfortable way to pop a boner and snag a photo. If you’re interested in seeing all of Photographer Hal’s work (which involves an awful lot of wacky costumes, bath tubs, and squished up flesh- Japan in a nutshell) I’m linking you directly to his full portfolio. Otherwise (meaning you’re probably too terrified to click that link), spend some quality time enjoying some of our favourite vacuum sealed people.



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    • Officially? No. Unofficially? We pretty much live to out-WTF each other on a daily basis. Clearly you’re starting to get to know us.

  1. i would get totally claustrofobic as a model, it looks great ! How long do they stay sealed and is there enough air to breath?

    • You know… I don’t think I would want to be vacuum sealed into a bag with another person. I feel like the machine would suck the air right out of one’s lungs.

  2. really Elvira that’s the only thing that you can think of asking? Sorry about the late comment, just saw this, gimme a break you have a lot of neat stuff here.


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