Ultimate Chinese Knock-Offs of Cars

BYD F8 vs. Mercedes CLK
Yep, it’s true –  both of them look like a Mercedes at a quick glance. The trouble, is that the similarities stop the moment you take a closer look. Besides the front fascia and the fact that they are both convertibles, there is not much else to compare between the two cars.  The yellow car you see is the BYD F8. BYD (Build Your Dream) used to manufacture cell-phone batteries. The CLK is a rear wheel drive available in a V6 or V8 and prices range from $47,000 to $62,000. The F8 is a front wheel drive car powered by a four banger and priced at $27,000 to $29,000.

Chinese BYD F8 copies Mercedes CLK

Shaunghaun CEO vs. BMW X5

Shaunghaun CEO copies the BMW X5

The Shaunghaun CEO is so similar to the BMW X5 that the German courts banned Shaunghaun from selling it in Germany. The CEO was released in 2006 and can be purchased for a measly $19,000. It features a four-cylinder engine cranking out a mere 100 horse power. The BMW X5 is available in both a V6 and a V8, and will cost you $45,000 to $53,000 for the model pictured above. The current X5 will cost you your soul.

Lifan 320 vs. Mini Cooper

Lifan 320 looks like a Mini CooperChinese Lifan 320 and Mini Cooper look the sameMini cooper looks similar to 320

Wow, this one is almost as bad as the F8 and the CLK combined. Talk about an identity crisis! Lifan is one of the smaller car manufactures in China. The Lifan 320 costs $6,000 to $8,000 and is powered by a 87 horsepower engine. The major difference is the four full size doors while the Mini Cooper only has 2 doors. The extra doors are helpful when passengers need to quickly escape, er… exit, the vehicle.

Shaunghaun Noble vs. Mercedes Smart Fortwo

Shaunghaun Noble looks like the smart carBrown Smart Car speical edition

These near identical twins were separated at birth and given up for adoption because they are both equally hideous. The blue car above is the Shaunghaun Noble and prices start at $7,000. The fuel efficient Smart Car starts at $12,000. I’m all for fuel efficiency, but man are these cars hideous. Honestly, who would drive this crap?

Chery QQ vs. Daewoo Matiz 0.8S

Chinese cars Chery QQ and Daewoo Matiz

Thankfully, both of the cars pictured above are not available in North America, but that doesn’t mean the Chinese automakers are not coming up with “new designs” for their happy citizens. I mean that, or maybe somebody over at “Chery” decided to play some kind of a sick joke and make an ugly car like the Daewoo Matiz even uglier. Then to top it all off, they decided to call it “QQ”.  Prices for the Chery QQ range between $4,000 to $7,000 while the less uglier sister, Daewoo Matiz, starts at $10,000. If I were you, I wouldn’t bother with either.

Great Wall Coolbear vs. Scion xB

Chinese Great Wall Cool Bear and Scion xBScion xB and Cool Bear look the same

Out of all the cars here, I think the Great Wall Coolbear is the only knock-off car I would purchase over the original. First of all, the name is pretty catchy. Imagine all the fly hotties you can pick up by telling them you drive a “Coolbear”. I also think the Coolbear is a more refined version of the Scion xB in terms of the exterior. I haven’t seen the interior (and god only knows what the build quality is like),  but for around $5,000 to $8,000, the Coolbear looks pretty cool, at least for all outward appearances. For reference, the Scion xB starts in the $16,500 range.




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  1. americans and germans have invented 90 percent of modern day technologies – for example americans invented the car, airplane and computers while the germans invented the atom bomb and ballistic missiles. the chinese have not invented a single thing since gun powder. they are born copy cats – the first chinese couple replicated into 1.3 billion chinese. it’s not surprising they have become experts at reverse engineering because they could not otherwise invent anything – to the point that they don’t even know how to change the design of the knock-off cars they have replicated. hey, how much imagination would it take to change the front spoiler and grill and modify at least the front end? obviously more than the chinese can muster.

    • went to the link… the chinese have not invented anything for a thousand years… and in modern times, all they can do is copy copy copy reverse engineer and make knock offs while violating patent and copyright laws

      • First of all, the Chinese are responsible of FAR more inventions and discoveries than the almighty Wikipedia shows. Most people editing Wiki are from the US. Which is in America. Consequentially, descriptions of American interests, facts and figures will be more elaborate than other countries

  2. They forgot to mention the copy-cat F-150 by JAC, outwardly identical to it’s American cousin, except it boasts (?) a 2.8 liter diesel four-banger- imagine the towing capacity! And this explains the problem with all Chinese products: ‘Quality is Job None’. Unlike Japan, who crawled out of the rubble of WWII to build increasingly better quality products as a matter of national pride, the Chinese are more of the rapper mindset of “get rich or die trying”. When one builds things designed to be thrown out within 6-8 months (average lifespan of most Chinese consumer goods), can anyone really claim China builds the world’s least expensive products, or the most? Their entire manufacturing mindset is unsustainable, and unfortunately the entire world is paying the price in terms of loss of value- utility, durability, and pride in ownership.


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