Transposr: The Music Converter You Never Knew You Needed

With all of the things happening on the entire planet, things could get pretty busy. There is just a nonstop buzzing and moving about. It seems that getting a rest has been kicked out of the options for a good while. Due to this, stress has been stacking up on our minds and is taking a toll to our mental health. That already is bad news, but could even take a turn for the worse. Hopefully, however, it does not. One thing that helps one to fight this colossal unseen enemy since time immemorial is music.

Listening to music has always done a good job of maintaining one’s inner peace and calming that dark and vile lurking demon within your head. It’s both an outlet and an instrument to let your feelings and emotions exhibit what they truly are.

That may seem like music is all about the sad and cumbersome times, but it’s actually not. Music is available for all kinds of emotions. Be it being happy, excited, playful, you name it, you got it. This is when Transposr enters the picture. It’s an online service that allows your music to be converted into a different key.

What is Transposr?

what is transposr?

As what was initially stated, Transposr a new online service which allows conversion of music. Unlike other online converting sites which typically convert one music file type from one form to another, take .mp4 to .mp3, Transposr converts a music text or an MP3 file into another key. That basically changes the sound of the song or the tone of the music. It could be a neat and tidy app for the musicians or frustrated musicians out there.

How does it work?

Transposr can convert a text file or an MP3 file. The process in order to convert one file type is a bit different from the other.

In order to convert a chord chart, you must copy and paste any text chord chart into a designated part of the uploader. After that, you must select the key as to which you want the chord chart to be converted in. All you have to do next is sit back and let the magic happen.

In order to transpose an MP3, you must upload the MP3 file into another designated upload part of the site. Again, you must then select which key you want to convert it to, however, this requires another step prior to that. You must first tell the site what the original key of the file is. Then, the site will do its magic again and automatically convert the file. You may then download it and enjoy your new MP3 file.

In summary

The thing about Transposr is that it does not discriminate. It does not ask if you are a professional or just some rando who wants to have some fun. It simply converts whatever key you want to convert it to. It does not even care if you are just bored and want to have some sort




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