J. Hathaway Janus Dial Dual Time Zone Watches

With the advent of the smartphone there really isn’t a need for a watch anymore, however, some of us like to wear the classic timepiece like the Hublot Big Bang, just because we can. I personally own quite a few watches, some high-end and a few inexpensive ones. Although I’ve never owned a dual time zone watch, a type of watch that’s marketed to the “world traveler”. I personally think owning a dual time zone watch isn’t as necessary because of the above-mentioned electronic gadget. However, watchmakers still make these types of watches, so there is a market for it.

Although traveling internationally isn’t as popular right now, thanks to the pesky little virus, but we can think positively of a COVID-free future and buy watches that will tell us time in two different time zones.

A watchmaker called J. Hathaway has just launched a kickstarter campaign for their new limited-edition Janus Dial dual time zone luxury watch, but “offered at a fair price”. These watches are available in 11 color variations and are named after 11 cities that were visited by their team during the development of the watch.

The cities these watches are named after include: Hong Kong, Cape Town, London, Paris, Tokyo, Melbourne, Toronto, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and Dubai.

The J. Hathaway Janus Dial watches are hand-made with dual Swiss made movements for two time zones, the cases are made of 316L stainless steel, and feature scratch resistant sapphire crystal. The watches come with mesh bracelets or leather straps, hand-stitched travel bag, and wooden chest for storage and display.

The Janus Dial watches feature a simple and elegant design, with an ornate multi-layered dial that features two sub-dials for each of the time zones. The company is currently taking pledges of $279 to $299 for the watches, each watch is limited to 500 units.




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