How Does Music Affect Your Mood?

From the mellow sounds of the lyra in ancient Greece to the multitude of streaming services available today, music has been a continuous and integral part of the human experience. But can music truly affect your mood? Scientists are convinced that this is true, and that even sad music can provide enjoyment. Researchers at Durham University, UK and the University of Jyväskylä, Finland found that there is both pain and pleasure in listening to sad music, which confirms that music is indeed a mood enhancer and that music therapy can be used successfully for improving people’s mental wellbeing.

Sound, Emotion, and Human Experience

Researchers have found that music affects human mood in multiple ways, but rhythm and tone are the fundamentals of this phenomenon. Yuna L. Ferguson, a researcher from the University of Missouri, argues that music can increase the overall happiness of an individual in just two weeks. In a study published by Ferguson in The Journal of Positive Psychology, participants improved their mood by listening to upbeat music and focusing on enjoying their experience of the journey towards happiness.

So how can you make music work for you when it comes to improving your mood?

To benefit from the mood-boosting powers of music, try to focus on soothing music and meditation to try and decrease your anxiety. Classical music, sounds of wind chimes or even soft rock can all help the soothing process. Alternatively, you could try to listen to upbeat music in the morning, because that is the time your brain releases most endorphins, the “happy hormones” that make you happier and ultimately heathier.

Have Music with You Wherever You Go

Reaping the benefits of music for your overall mood and happiness is easier when you have access to your favorite music no matter where you are. Getting music on your phone and PC allows you to have all your feel-good tunes handy, and access them with a tap or a click. Whether you decide to download MP3s, stream music online, or use online MP3 conversion, it’s easy to store music on your device to have it with you no matter where you go.

What Is the Best Way to Get Music on Your Device?

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