Calamus One – The Ultimate E-Bike

It’s fair to say that there are a lot of electric bikes on the market with new ones being developed more and more. What hasn’t been included in those bikes, however, is technology that assists the rider while on a busy road. The Calamus One is an advanced e-bike that has blind spot assist, a biometric scanner, is android enabled, and offers up to 750W of power, depending on the model. The Calamus One also has all cables internalized, so there’s no way for anyone to cut any cords and gives it a sleek, sophisticated look. 

The Calamus One has built-in ultrasonic sensors that inform the rider if there is a vehicle nearby that they could crash into by vibration motors in the handlebar. With this feature, the rider is more aware when changing lanes or taking turns. The One is also Google map-enabled so you can easily travel through cities worldwide using a global network card and a GPS chip that is built into the bike. The GPS chip also provides worldwide tracking, in case it gets stolen. It can easily be tracked through the app. Another great feature on this bike is the biometric scanner which can be used or locking, unlocking and rider profile recognition.

The One can give you up to 50 miles of range on a single charge and the detachable battery has the capability of fast charging.  The bike also features a weather-proof integrated computer and navigation touchscreen. The Calamus One has also been designed so that thefts are prevented, because of course there will be an attempt to steal it. It has theft-proof fasteners that can only be opened by the tools that are provided with the bike and not your typical tools. The bike also has an anti-theft alarm which works in two stages. The first is a warning to the thief if they are tampering with the bike and the second is a loud alarm if they continue to try to steal it. The owner is sent a warning through the app as soon as the bike senses any foul play.

The Calamus One comes in three different colors and three different versions, with different power capabilities. The Calamus One is currently being crowd-funded on for $1997 for the lowest model.




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