Top 5 Timeless Pieces Worth Investing in for Autumn/Winter

Building that sustainable wardrobe doesn’t happen overnight! It takes months, years and even decades to accumulate a collection of pieces you love. It takes a lot of investment, in both money and time to shape a closet that can withhold the test of trends, fads and years.

Every season has its must-have wardrobe items, and in winter, it’s all about being warm while remaining stylish. So, we have teamed up with Celtic & Co to give you our top five timeless pieces worth investing in for Autumn/Winters to come.


Although trends come and go, the trusty Gilet still manages to end up on most woman’s winter wish list. A wide selection of women’s gilets are available in different styles and cuts, hence why they are popular option for the office as well as lounge wear. From super bright, look-at-me multi-coloured options and animal prints, to classic and pared back fur-trimmed numbers, there’s something to suit everyone.


From jumpers to Cardigans there’s plenty of different types of knitwear for everyone, which you’ll find ranges in all colours and styles. If you want to dress up a bit and look a bit more glamorous, then there’s plenty of jumpers which you can match together with a chic pair of heels and tights. A cardigan is always a good option for those awkward months between autumn and summer. For those extra chilly days, you can opt in for a high neck cardigan which will help to keep the cold out.

Winter Boots

Trusty and warm, comfy and stylish, boots are the winter weather footwear saviour. Whether you prefer a classic ankle boot that you can pair with skirts or trousers or a wide fitting knee-high boot that will defy the uncertain weather, theirs a boot style for all fashionistas. From walking boots to snow boots, theirs also plenty available for the more active winter months and holidays.


Any old coat should keep you from turning into from a human icicle, but staying warm, dry, and stylish is a little more complicated. Trends, by definition, come and go. Instead of focusing on the trends of the day. You should move your attention to the quality, versatility and price of your pick! Once you’re familiar with the basics, you will have the tools you need to invest in that trust winter coat.

Leather Gloves

As winter truly begins and the chilled air begins to spread, there I never a better reason to invest in a pair of leather gloves. Not only do they protect your hands from the elements but a good pair of gloves can also help to complete practically any winter fashion ensemble. Not only will these gloves make you look trendy for winters to come, they are more likely to withhold the years of snow, rain and low temperatures.

Although investing in winter essentials may seem expensive at a time it is always important to think about the sustainability and quality of your item before handing over your money. Remember, buy now, wear later!




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