Buying Guide for Nose Trimmers

For most of the men, one of the most unwanted changes that occur on their body with the age is the growth of hair in nose and ears. As it is one of the most unflattering changes, most men want to trim these hair as soon as they see them to stay well-groomed, and thus, take help from a pair of scissors. But, a scissor may not prove as helpful as you think, and thus, you need a perfect nose trimmer for you to get rid of those unwanted hair.

One of the biggest problems that most men encounter while buying the nose trimmers is that they don’t know which one to buy. If you browse the internet or online retail stores, you would see a myriad of nose trimmers and each one of them boasts to be one of the best nose trimmers of 2017.

So, here’s a buying guide for nose trimmers that can help you purchase an ideal one as per your needs without spending a fortune on it.

1. Cost

There are many nose trimmers available in the market which are as expensive as a high-end beard trimmer, but, you need not to spend a lot of money on the nose trimmer. A simple and inexpensive nose trimmer will also deliver the same results as an expensive one, if it is of good quality. So, don’t buy the most expensive trimmers, instead look for ones which are moderately priced and are good in trimming the hair. You can get a high quality nose trimmer within a range of $35 – $45. Don’t spend more than this.

2. Portability

Many nose trimmers are portable and some of them even come with the travel cases which facilitate the extra battery space as well as space for other necessary accessories like oil tubes, small brushes etc. So, choose the ones which are easy to carry and use while travelling.

3. Ease of Changing Heads

Most nose trimmers come with an extra attachment for trimming the ear hair as well. So, instead of buying the separate trimmers for both the purposes, look for a nose trimmer which also includes the attachments for cutting the ear hair. Also, ensure that it’s easy to change the heads as per requirement.

4. Consider The Battery Life

Another important consideration which you must take into account while buying the nose trimmer is battery life. Some trimmers come with the rechargeable batteries while others require AAA or AA batteries. You can choose a trimmer as per your needs, but, whichever you choose, ensure that it offers long battery life so that one does not need to charge it from time to time, or change batteries.

5. Type of Motor

Ultimately, what is responsible for making the trimmer work is the motor installed within it. Not all the nose trimmers have the same motor. Some are equipped with rotary blade systems, while others use a motor similar to the one that’s found in most of the electronic beard trimmers. Both the motors work differently and thus, buy the one whose style of working suits your requirement or preferences. Before purchasing the nose trimmer, ensure that you inquire about the motor in the trimmer.




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