Buy It Once – The Quality Dilemma

Over the years I’ve realized something important about myself, and that’s that I value how high quality a product is above almost anything else, including price. When I say quality, I’m referring to the craftsmanship, both in terms of the design of said thing, and the materials used to build it. Are a pair of pants cut in a flattering manner? Are they made using a strong and durable material? Are they made to last, or did the company that created them plan for them to fail so that a person would have to replace them all the time? More importantly, why does this matter to me, and of what interest is it to you?

Did you know that of clothes purchased at stores like Wal-Mart, 9 out of 10 of them are hideous and won’t complement your body in any way? Not only that, but the quality is generally poor and will fall apart in short order, meaning that the money you pissed away on such a shitty garment is all for naught anyway. You may as well have thrown your money into a fire, or given it to a homeless person instead. The same goes for any number of products, ranging from cell phones to furniture. If you’ve ever owned a Huewai brand phone, you know what I’m talking about. So when it comes to the eternal debate of quality vs quantity, here is what I think:

Why you should buy fewer items, but of higher quality…

  • High quality items last longer; who would have thought? But how do you know something is high quality? Do your research on a product before you decide to pull the trigger. Forums are a great way to read user feedback on anything from clothes to tactical flashlights. Chances are someone has already bought the product you’re looking at and commented on it.
  • Products that use high quality materials are usually designed better. If a company is willing to spend the extra money on proper materials, they’ve probably spent the extra time and resources to create a well designed product as well.
  • In terms of clothes, usually look better than something you would find at an average retail chain. You get the benefits of something that will last you a long time, while at the same time being better designed.

If you’ve ever bought a piece of clothing and had it wear out almost immediately, or purchased a budget TV and had it break, or simply had a product fail to meet your expectations in any way, then perhaps you’ll understand why I wrote this article. It’s not about the price, but it’s most definitely about the quality. Buying something that’s well crafted, well designed, and made from durable materials is beneficial not only for whatever you’re using the product for, but also to your wallet. You may save some money buying those Wal-Mart jeans in the short term, but after they fade, rip, or fall apart you’ll have to buy another pair anyway, and in that case, why not just buy something better to begin with? (Plus you’ll look more stylish)

The next time you decide to buy a new pair of shoes, or pants, or even a microwave oven, ask yourself the following question: Would purchasing one high quality version of this item be less expensive in the long run than purchasing a series of inferior ones? If nothing else, your wallet will thank you.



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