The Top 5 Secrets of Paul Walker – 1973-2013

Paul Walker was a bit of an anomaly in Hollywood. The young, teenage heart-throb got his first taste of fame and fortune in early roles on TV shows like Pleasantville and Varsity Blues, but his career really first took off when he starred in The Fast and the Furious, alongside Vin Diesel. The high-octane, car chase thrill ride thrust Walker and his bright baby-blues into the national spotlight.

Unlike other celebrities, Walker would shy away from the limelight. He would go on to star in a number of other movies including additional Fast and Furious sequels, alongside other titles, but was never able to match the hype that his role in the original Fast & Furious generated. This probably sat well with Walker, who seemed content to be resigned to a quieter life than most celebrities.

1. Paul Walker Was Raised Mormon

Did you know that Paul Walker was raised Mormon? It might seem out of place given the characters he was cast as throughout his career, but the truth is that Walker grew up as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints, located in Glendale, California. Walker was not an active member of the faith in his adult life, but continued to hold religious beliefs, one time being quoted as saying “The people I don’t understand are atheists.”

2. Paul Walker Considered Quitting Acting

It’s no secret that Paul Walker was less than enamored with the fast Hollywood life, but many are unaware that Paul Walker actually considered quitting acting altogether. In a recent interview with GQ, just months before his death, Walker spoke about his daughter, Meadow, encouraging him to keep pursuing acting past the age of 40, after he had played with the idea of quitting openly.

3. Paul Walker Was a Philanthropist

Walker was known as an avid philanthropist. Not only was he an active member and advocate of a number of charities, but Walker once purchased a wedding ring for a veteran returning from war that had been featured on CNN, who did not have the money to purchase one for his fiancé. There are countless stories out there regarding Walker’s generosity, going to show what a truly good guy he was.

4. His Daughter, Meadow, Lived With Her Mother Until She Was 7

Up until the age of 7, Walker’s daughter, Meadow, lived with her mother in Hawaii. Walker had suggested that at the time she was born, when he was 25, that he was not prepared for the life of a parent and elected to split custody with his daughter’s mother. Meadow first moved back to California to spend time with him at the age of 7, and Walker would later offer to purchase a house for both Meadow and her mother so that they could be closer together.

5. Walker’s First Acting Role Was as a Baby, In a Pampers Commercial

Walker’s first acting credit came at the tender age of 2, when he starred in a Pampers Diapers commercial. He would go on to rack up a number of child acting credits, but his first role coming at such a young age is an interesting addition to what was certainly an interesting life.

Did I Miss Anything?

Anything other obscure “secrets” that I missed? If so leave me a comment below and I’ll add it to the list! Personally, I’m really surprised that he was a Mormon.

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