Top 5 Cigar Cutters for Cigar Enthusiasts

A cigar cutter is an essential accessory for all smoke aficionados. Simply put, this tool helps cut the stogie at the tip which allows for ample air flow and a smooth draw.

There are many different types of cigar cutters on the market. Smokers have long been known for their independent spirits and minds, so the one you choose should fit your personality and preference. Look for a cutter that you can afford and that has your unique sense of style. Below are five of the top cigar cutters available:

Cohiba Slice Cigar Cutter

This precise and sharp stainless steel unit will cut your favorite cigar perfectly. It is a high quality and high-tech gadget that has a partial matte black finish, bolt detailing and chrome hardware. Its unique look will have you cutting your stogie with style. With the simple press of a button, the cutter’s spring-loaded dual guillotine blades come out. This gives you total control of the cigar with motion and leverage.

Sikarlan Stainless Steel Cigar Scissors

These high quality scissors have become the premium utensil used for precisely cutting cigars. They have a modern design with rounded blades and ergonomically circular handles for a comfortable and secure cut. Each and every cut is controlled. Cigar scissors have been found to be the best choice when you want to make your cut in a specific spot. They are extremely stylish and show that you are a serious enthusiast.

Mesa Chabeta Table Top V Cutter

When you are looking for a cigar cutter that makes a statement, you won’t go wrong with the Mesa Chabeta table top V cutter. The piece is traditional and elegant. The V-cut sits inside of the wood base so you will get a clean cut every time. The blade locks after a cut so the handle remains down for safety. Don’t worry about making a mess – This table top piece comes with a tray that will collect any loose tobacco that might fall. This is a great accessory for any cigar smoker and a conversation piece that will surely bring many compliments.

Xikar Twist Punch Cutter Key Ring

This convenient punch cutter has a length of only two inches, allowing for easy travel. If you add the key ring attachment, you can take it everywhere you go. The Xikar twist punch cutter has a bullet like shape with several dimples on it. The dimples allow you to easily twist the punch open and closed. The stick will be cleanly cut with a 7mm blade. Closing the punch clears any tobacco that gets caught up in the blade.

Xikar Xi Double Blade Cutter

The double blade cutter is the same concept as the guillotine cutter except the double blades allow for a more precise cut. The Xikar Xi has a spring mechanism so you will not have to use excessive force like many other double blade models. The Xikar Xi will comfortably fit in your hand with its unique ergonomic teardrop shape.

You can never go wrong with any of these great choices.  Determining the perfect cut and style in which you like to smoke can be difficult, but once you have your preference, you will find the perfect cutter for you.  To further investigate brands and prices, visit an online cigar shop like JR Cigars or Rocky’s Cigars that will provide you with a wide array of different cigar cutters.

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