Top 10 Unique Gifts for History Buffs: They’ll Thank You Forever!

A history buff is someone with a deep fascination for history. They often spend their time exploring past events, discussing famous tales, legendary battles, and the influential figures who shaped history.

As someone who loves history, both learning and teaching it, I’ve thought of some great gift ideas for the history enthusiast in your life. Whether they’re family, a partner, or a friend, here are the top 10 best gifts that will surely make them happy.

10. Historical Sword

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A traditionally made Japanese samurai Katana sword featuring the legendary Date Masamune – [Image Credit – SwordIs]

Nothing delights a history buff quite like receiving their very own sword, whether for display as a collector’s piece, or a sharpened blade used for practice cutting. This is a perfect gift that strikes a deep chord, as swords have been symbols of valor, leadership, and ceremony throughout history and they are more affordable than you might think!

This sword will find a special place in the heart and home of the history enthusiast, proudly shown to visitors and possibly even earning its own name. When choosing a sword, it’s crucial to match it with the era and region that the history lover is most passionate about. 

Whether it’s a samurai sword from Japan, a saber from China, a knight’s blade from Europe, a rare and beautiful mysterious steel from India, or a Middle Eastern cavalry scimitar, the key is to connect the piece to their specific interest, making the gift truly unforgettable.

9. Historical Lifestyle Accessories

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Caesar getting stabbed in the back as a pen-holder – [Image Credit – Etsy]

Giving a history fan a gift related to historical lifestyle accessories will surely make them smile. History buffs get happy from the smallest things like t-shirts with famous USA figures like the founding fathers George Washington or Benjamin Franklin, or socks with patterns inspired by ancient Roman art. Don’t forget items like Renaissance clothing for those who enjoy fairs.

You could also consider a small globe that makes them think of the age of exploration. This could be placed near a tiny replica of a sword and a pen holder designed like a knight or any historical warrior. Even a sticker or a fridge magnet of a historical castle would be a hit too.

8. Historical Art

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Photo of George Washington crossing the Delaware to be put on the wall as decor – [Image Credit – The Metropolitan Museum of Art]

Gift the history buff in your life with Historical Art that transforms their own private historical bunker into a journey through time. Their delight will know no bounds at receiving wall art depicting the majestic Pyramids and Sphinx, Vikings in the heat of battle, or the riveting scenes of the American Civil War. 

Select portraits of legendary historical figures to resonate with their favored epochs, heroes, or presidents such as Abraham Lincoln. Consider also paintings that immortalize pivotal moments in military history, the Civil Rights movement, medieval knights on the rise, or the rich tapestries of ancient Greece and Rome.

7. Subscription or Membership Pass

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Ephesus Archeological Museum in modern-day Turkey – [Image Credit – Ephesus Archeological Museum]

History nerds around the world share one thing in common – they can’t get enough of documentaries and museums. Treat them with a Subscription or Membership Pass to make them the happiest. Give them the key to explore history through platforms filled with documentaries spanning from ancient Egypt to the rise of Communism in modern times. 

Think about gifting them a pass to famous places like the Metropolitan Museum or the Smithsonian. This could give them weeks or even months to wander among treasures from American History, the Civil Rights Movement, British colonialism, or the vast stories of world history. 

6. Historical Figure Busts

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Historically accurate statue-like figure depicting an ancient Hellenic hoplite wielding a Xiphos sword – [Image Credit – Actionfiguren]

Surprise a history enthusiast with Historical Figure Busts, featuring everyone from the legendary figures of Rome and Greece to key players of the American Revolution like Thomas Jefferson. 

Made from materials like clay, marble, or bronze, these busts are perfect for decorating a desk, overseeing a bookshelf, or enhancing a hallway, infusing their space with historical significance and glamor.

For a contemporary twist, think about photo prints of these figures to create an inspiring gallery wall. This thoughtful gift pays homage to their historical idols, offering a distinctive element to their personal collection.

5. Historical Atlas

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An atlas featuring many different historical maps and photos – [Image Credit – The University of Maine]

Gift the history enthusiast who loves diving into the past a brand-new Historical Atlas, a thing that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. Pick a history of the world map that covers everything from prehistory to modern times, filled with interactive and colorful designs that make history jump off the page. 

Choose an edition that matches their specific interests, from the detailed strategies of World War II to the sweeping narratives of world history, or in-depth looks at times like the Civil War. This isn’t just any gift; it’s a treasure trove for endless exploration and a fantastic present for someone dedicated to tracing the ebb and flow of our world’s history.

4. Historical Games

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A classic historical board game that almost every history buff loves – Risk – [Image Credit – Scott Rogers]

Nobody loves historical games as much as history buffs. Delight them with the engaging challenge and learning the joy of Historical Games, whether board games or video games such as the Assassin’s Creed series that offer museum-like features. 

Begin with classics like Risk, letting players aim to rule the world, then explore board games focused on special times, like the Revolutionary War, the Gothic invasion of Europe, capitalism building, or train rails crafting to slavery management in ancient Rome. 

Include puzzles of old maps or battles, and card games that quiz players on US Presidents or important historical figures. These games are not just fun; they also boost understanding of history, making them an excellent gift for history teachers and fans keen to share their passion with friends and family.

3. History Book or Biography

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Some of the best history gifts are books  – [Image Credit – Books of Titans]

A great gift would be a book or a biography for a history enthusiast that can be the highlight of their collection. Consider a vibrant, detailed encyclopedia that covers a wide range of topics. This could include everything from the daily lives of medieval peasants to the complexities of the Silk Road, complete with maps, photos, and notes for an engaging read. 

Books featuring primary sources are also a great choice, offering a direct window into the past. Look for a biography of a historical figure they admire, be it Thomas Jefferson, Gandhi, Caesar, or Alexander the Great.

History buffs and historians can be quite picky when it comes to their books. It’s therefore crucial to do your homework before picking a book as a gift. Ensure the author is reputable and presents information fairly and without bias.

2. Travelling Abroad


Reading and seeing the Pyramids is a very different experience – [Image Credit – New York Times]

While it might be on the pricier side, an unforgettable gift for a history buff is a trip to their favorite historical site. For example to see a grown-up light up with the excitement of a child, simply take a history lover who adores ancient Greek history to the fields of Thermopylae in Greece.

Visiting places like Istanbul, Italy, the Great Wall of China, Boston, Tokyo, Egypt, or any location with historical events they’re passionate about will leave them eternally thankful. This experience is truly incomparable, offering them a chance to walk in the footsteps of history they’ve only read about.

1. Replica/Authentic/Ancient Historical Item

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Antique items that were once carried and used by Vikings – [Image Credit – ArchaeoFox]

Giving a history enthusiast a real piece of the past or a well-made copy is something they often dream about. Think about the excitement of receiving an actual old item that you’ve been reading about all your life, like a simple nail from a Viking ship a bit of metal from a WWII plane, or maybe historic documents signed by someone famous like Elvis Presley.

Replicas based on historical items are just as special, turning any room into a miniature museum, making them a unique gift that celebrates and preserves the legacy of our shared history of the world.



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