Let’s Discuss Your Wall Art Options


We gotta start with the classics. Posters look great, especially if you want to support and display your favorite movies. They’re large so they have a lot of coverage. And they’re also pretty cheap given the amount of quality they bring.

For marketing, posters are the go-to. In large numbers and sizes, they’re pretty affordable with such broad coverage, they’re flexible, quick to produce, and thrive in brevity. And even for personal use, if none of the other options tickle your fancy, then posters are a good jack-of-all-trades all around solid choice that you can’t really go wrong with.


Usually in the form of wallpaper or vinyl wrap, wall murals will cover most, if not your entire wall, with style and substance. Think of them as like a custom green screen that transports you to scenery that your originally plain wall wouldn’t usually possess.

Murals can vary in price, but are usually rather expensive. It’s recommended to get a larger spread rather than several separate pieces that fit together, as the window for error and mistake increases significantly for the less you spend. Spending less is a high risk, high reward scenario, but it’s definitely a very high reward as the right design looks stunning and really transports your room to another world.


There’s a lot of options with prints – whether it be metal, paper, acrylic or even canvas – you’re up for a solid amount of quality. Not only that, but the vibrant colors and low cost of prints make them an awesome addition to your room, and they give it a big personality.

Prints usually come in A4 size or smaller, and are often good material for signings. So if you’re headed to an event like a concert or somewhere similar where you’re likely to meet your idols, then you can bring along a small print in your bag or satchel without worry that it’ll be damaged, ready for signing. Just to increase the sentimental – and literal – value tenfold.

Canvas art

The quality of canvas art really depends on whether it’s a painting or just printed. Paintings are generally a hell of a lot more expensive for starters, but are generally a lot higher quality than a printed canvas; although that’s not to say that you won’t get your money’s worth with the latter.

1080p or lower in quality just isn’t going to cut it with canvas art, as it will just look plain terrible unless your canvas is bite-sized. 4K on the other hand will look great unless the canvas is too large, and there’s a good amount of cheap canvas prints at decent prices on the market. The added benefit of getting a printed canvas is that you can have any image you want on them – and there’s some fantastic custom canvas prints over at Canvas Champ if that’s what you’re into.

Anyway, your abstract art on canvas will likely look a lot better than framed prints, especially with no glare. You won’t need to frame your canvas art unless you get them wrapped, which actually leads us to some positives for glass frames since they can go together quite well.

Glass frames

To deal with the elephant in the room first and foremost, if your room is privy to a significant amount of sunlight, then perhaps glass frames just aren’t for you as there will be reflections and glare. With that out of the way, glass frames are a classic and stylish way of displaying art, which you’ll see at many art venues to protect and preserve the pieces within.

Paintings look great in glass frames, but they’re not exclusive to one form of art. For example, a fiber based paper is great to print on, and then if you mat and frame it under the glass, it’ll look fantastic on your wall. Or for more ease, there are plenty of cheap poster frames out there to keep more fragile paper types in good shape. Glass frames are generally just a great addition to other wall art types, but they’re not without their trade-offs.



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