Too Many Friends by Placebo – Do Computers Make Us Gay?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted up a music video, and for that I’m sorry.

You see, I actively avoid 99% of the music out there for fear of lapsing into a coma from the shock of such terrible music, but every so often something special breaks through my bubble and I write about it. This time it’s a song called Too Many Friends by Placebo, and you know what? It’s pretty fuckin’ good. You know why? It features the voice of Bret Easton Ellis of American Psycho fame.

Too Many Friends

Before you watch this, I want to mention something for all you impatient people, because I know you’re going to leave after 5 seconds otherwise: there’s a bit of talking at the beginning, but please do yourself a favor and watch it. It sets the stage for the video, and it’s quite entertaining. It is Mr. Ellis after all. But if that’s not enough incentive, well… there’s also some awesome kung-fu booty action going on. Watch the people’s cell phones.

I liked both this song and the video because…

  1. Bret Easton Ellis is awesome
  2. Some great kung-fu booty
  3. The song was pretty catchy too

I know, right? I’m telling you, I’ve put a lot of thought into this one. It’s just like when we had to interpret poetry in English class, but you know… a whole lot more interesting. I mean, not that poetry is bad or anything, just that most poetry is pretty bad and not worthy of any more interpretation than “I interpret that this poetry is swill”.

Question of the Day

Have you heard any Placebo before, and if so, what’s your favorite song? For those of you (like myself) that have never heard of them, what part of the video did you either like a lot, or really dislike? Leave me a comment, because I’m just dying to hear from you.




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