The Kisai Online LCD Watch by Tokyoflash Japan

Don’t you hate it when people ask you what time it is? TokyoFlash Japan is a watch company with the answer to that little problem. Never again will someone will be able to read the time on your watch, with this lovely cryptic face pattern.

We’ve reviewed many innovative watches here at Unfinished Man, and the Kisai certainly fits the bill. Not only is this watch ‘wearable art’, but it’s also a big F*** You to the typical generic watches churned out in mass these days; I’m looking at you, Fossil. Instead, Tokyo Flash is producing one of a kind limited edition watch designs like the Kisai.

Kisai Watch in Action

kisai watchNow, I’ve got to say, this watch is far from practical. Then again, practicality is not the point here; remember, this was made in Japan. Do you think heated toilet seats are practical? They are definitely not, but in Japan they are as close as it gets to a human right.  I did thoroughly enjoy my department store poops in Tokyo a few years ago; nothing beats a heated toilet seat. But I digress.

The Tokyoflash Kisai Online LCD Watch is meant for those MacBook graphic designers, fashionistas, international travelers, and anyone with a fine eye for design. This is a futuristic watch that features continuous vertical lines with a built in accelerometer to reveal the digital time, date, and an alarm when needed.

Japanese LCD Watch

Kisai on wrist

The “always on” LCD display is made up of vertical lines which look like a cryptic pattern to outsiders. When you turn the watch towards you, the lines go away and change to show the time. When you push on the lower button, the watch changes the display to date mode. The digits that make up the time are not obvious, but are easy enough to learn.

If this still does not make sense, then a quick run through the video below should do the trick. Sometimes things are better explained in motion.

How the Hell does it Work?

YouTube player

The watch comes packed up neatly straight from Japan with the following contents:

Tokyoflash BoxI admit, it’s a strange design, but sometimes strange and unique is a good thing. Confusing the hell out of your friends and strangers is just a watch away.

The Kisai retails for $169 on the Tokyoflash company website.




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