Tips On Choosing A Bar For Your Next Birthday With Friends

2021 is going to be a big year for birthdays. We’ll all be looking to celebrate that little bit harder when it comes to you and your friends’ birthdays, so it’s important to get the venue right.

Choosing a venue for a birthday with friends can always be tricky, you need to cater for everyone’s needs and make sure it’s accessible too.

So, to make life that little bit easier for you, here are our top tips on choosing a bar that’s right for all your friends…


Firstly, finding the right location is integral. Give everyone the opportunity to make it and try and make it as equidistant as possible for all your friends without compromising on quality. Of course, don’t choose a pub or bar in the middle of nowhere because it’s equally distanced between everyone, but do make sure there are transport links for everyone to get there.

A few more bars around the location may also be a good idea so you can move on if needs be.


There’s nothing worse than a birthday party in a cramped bar. It’s not fun for the party in question, and it’s even less fun for the other customers who are simply trying to have a quiet drink.

Consider choosing a bar with plenty of space and plenty of seating, with restaurant bar stools always being a good shout as they are high enough that people can both sit and stand without it being awkward.

Additionally, it may also be worth considering a bar that is large enough that you can reserve an area or room, meaning you have a dedicated spade in which the seats and tables are for your exclusive use.

Drink Options

Perhaps just as important as the venue’s actual location is its drinks menu. Think about what you and your friends like, and even consider budgets when it comes to choosing a bar for a birthday. For example, don’t choose a fancy cocktail bar if the vast majority of friends are students. Equally, don’t select a gin parlor for a friendship group of real ale drinkers.

Make sure there are options for everyone and select a destination where the drinks will be complimented rather than people whining about their options, as it will only put a dampener on the evening.


Many bars have activities you can enjoy too these days, and the activities on offer can vary significantly. Think about what your friends like and choose the bar accordingly.

For example, if your friends are fans of comedy, then why not find a bar that has a weekly or monthly comedy night. Alternatively, you may find bars that have huge bingo nights, which are perfect for celebrating birthdays.

As well as this, consider things like pool tables and darts in venues, particularly if it’s a large group, as it can keep people occupied while the host or person celebrating their birthday mingles with others.



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