Timberland Mudlark Safari Chukka Review

How bad-ass do I look just chillin’ in my new iced out Timbs?

I kid, but the Timberland Boot company has earned its reputation after being unexpectedly adopted by inner-city youth and became a staple of hip-hop and urban attire. Their niche found them, rather than the other way around, and Timberland seems to have gone ahead and embraced that. The company still identifies with its original goal: to create a truly waterproof leather boot for workers and  outdoors people.

Timberland Boot Company’s spring and summer men’s collection is in with the times. In particular, the ‘Timberland Mudlark Safari Chukka, which Timberland describes below:

“Inspired by industrial-era dependability, our Mudlark collection highlights the craftsmanship and quality construction that’s been handed down for generations. These standards of workmanship do not tarnish over time, as is evident from the durable, handsewn stitching, premium burnished leather, dependable outsoles, support and warm-weather comfort.”

The Timberland Mudlark Safari Chukka

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They are not just for urban youth or construction workers; these days, Timberland boots are for every segment. I like to wear these out with jeans when I go out to bars with friends because the shoes are in style for 2012. It has that boat shoe look but has all the boot qualities.

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You can wear them socially to drink at dive bars, trendy bars, nightclubs, and country clubs. They are versatile, respectable, and hand-sewn to boot – with materials from both the United States and the United Kingdom. I don’t care that they’re 100% organic cotton, but it might make a good conversation piece when a fine-looking woman compliments you for wearing them.

“Wow, where did you get those boots?”

“They are Timbs and one hundred percent organic cotton!”

That is how the exchange will go down, and she’ll be impressed. Besides the environmental impact (I know, who cares?), some of the boot’s other materials are premium full-grain burnished leather, which adds a worn-in vintage look. I haven’t had the time to break these shoes in, and I certainly did not steal them from a homeless man. They arrived already looking cool.

mudlark safari chukka review01 e1344007421876Timberland has been around for over 30 years now, and they’ve become great at making amazing quality boots. Otherwise, the company would have gone out of business long ago.

The Timberland Mudlark Safari Chukka is a solid representation of the company’s values: quality and longevity. If you want to grab a pair yourself, you can find them at the official Timberland website for $295. Remember, the fall is not that far off.




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  1. I read your review on Timberland Mudlark’s, After finding this shoe I am interested in buying them, but they can only be found online, My question is how is the sizing, as I see they are not made in half sizes..please respond..


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