This Is What Happens When Sex Is Lacking

From strengthening the pelvic floor to boosting self-esteem, having sex regularly not only makes one feel good, but can also be good for one’s health, as well as being a very pleasurable activity.

However, for a variety of reasons ranging from discomfort with a partner to low libido, some people go through a period of sexual abstinence.

Some believe that low libido can be a consequence of aging, others, of the routine that many couples fall into after many years of relationship without innovating in things like hiring the services of an Edinburgh escort with a big fat ass or buying some toys to liven things up. But this is not always the case. In fact, there are several reasons for low libido, and it is necessary to find out the cause in order to treat it and enjoy intimacy again.

Thinking of all the single and married people, couples or not, who go through this situation, Skokka decided to delve into the subject.

Common reasons for low libido

Some causes of low libido are easy to treat and not serious, while others require a visit to the doctor and treatment. There are even other sexual dysfunctions that are a symptom of another disease.

Tiredness, stress, hormonal dysregulation, depression, lack of physical exercise, a diet low in nutrients, low self-esteem, dehydration…. The list of possible causes can be endless, and cause short and long term effects on the body of the individual in question, leading to this decrease in desire.

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That is why as soon as a change in libido and desire is noticed, it is essential to go to a specialist to find out the cause and make sure it is not dangerous, or that it does not get worse.

Sex with a British escort in London or a partner improves the skin, helps blood pumping, activates happiness hormones, and many other things, but what about the absence of it? What does it do to the body and mind?

Sexual abstinence: physical effects

Immune system

Sexual intercourse improves the immune system through the release of endorphins. In other words, the individual who has not had sex for a long period of time is more vulnerable to colds and flu, for example.

Cardiovascular health

Regular sexual intercourse increases the heart rate and causes the body to release protective substances. Conversely, a sexually inactive life can contribute to physical problems related to the cardiovascular system, such as heart attacks, strokes and high blood pressure.

In addition, there is no doubt that, when consented to, sexual activity helps to reduce stress, another aggravating factor for coronary heart disease.

Intimate health and PMS

Frequent intercourse or masturbation can help keep vaginal tissues healthy and lubricated by improving blood pumping.

Another common question is whether or not to have sex during menstruation or the premenstrual period. The answer is yes, if it is not a discomfort for both parties involved. Both the release of endorphins and uterine contractions can relieve the symptoms of menstrual cramps and premenstrual syndrome.

Acne and skin

Many have heard the reference that when a woman has good skin, it is probably because her sex life is going well.

When sexual intercourse occurs, progesterone is produced and this is the hormone that naturally helps to maintain a beautiful complexion. Which partly explains why the beautiful escorts of Dublin have such smooth skin. So the opposite is true, sexual abstinence can lead to acne and even loss of youthful appearance, due to lack of collagen production.

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Sexual abstinence: mental effects

Stress and anxiety; Apathy; Bad mood; Low self-esteem; Insomnia

Social relationships in general are a bit complicated when an individual goes for some time without sex, precisely because the absence of sufficient oxytocin and endorphins (happiness hormone) can affect the perception of the world. 

For some people, abstaining from sex becomes stressful and they no longer feel connected to themselves, which leads to low self-esteem, fatigue, poor mood, and so on.

In the end, not having sex for a long time can be a frustrating experience if the individual prefers to be sexually active. But at the same time, sexual abstinence can sometimes provide the necessary opportunity and space one needs to get to know oneself better, to discover oneself, to explore masturbation and other forms of pleasure. 

It can even represent a necessary pause, whether to recover from a bereavement, for introspection, or to deal with a problem that has been put off for too long.

Thus, when it is time to become sexually active again, the person will have more valuable personal knowledge to share with a partner to enjoy sex even more.




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