5 Quick and Reliable Tips for Creating a Favorable Company Brand

You might not realize just how important it is for a company to make a good impression on people, even people who aren’t customers. But image, or a brand, is a significant part of what makes any company successful. And it isn’t just for the big boys. Smaller companies also need successful branding if they hope to grow.

What Is a Brand?

A brand is generically defined as a name, design, or symbol that distinguishes one company from another. But branding is much more than that. Branding is how a person feels at the mention of a company or upon seeing its logo or name. Branding is what makes someone want to buy from one particular company even though there are many others just like it.

By the way, every company has a brand, whether favorable or unfavorable. The challenge is for companies to acquire and maintain a favorable brand.

Make a Quality Product

There may be no better way for a company to make a good name for itself than to provide a quality product or service. This in itself will serve to set a company apart from its competitors. When a customer receives a quality product or service, it tells them that the company can be trusted and that the company is worth their time and effort.

It’s never been known for a successful company to put out a lousy product. And if a successful company does produce a substandard product, chances are they won’t be successful for long.

Give Back to the Community

You probably shouldn’t think of your business as just a money-making machine but as a corporate citizen. For the most part, customers aren’t thinking of companies as just companies, and this is why branding is important. What companies do in the “real” world matters. So what are some ways to give back with your brand to the community?

  • Donate to charity. Let customers know the company has a heart
  • Donate to local schools. There’s always a need.
  • Open up the company’s doors–literally. Have an open house. Let the community see what the company’s all about.

Create a Distinctive Logo

When you think of Nike, chances are you are also envisioning the swoosh. When you think of McDonald’s, the golden arches might come to mind. Nike and McDonald’s are both companies that have been able to transcend their corporate names to the point where if you see their logos alone you know who they are.

Creating a company logo can be tricky. You’ll want something visually appealing and unique but nothing that gives the viewer an impression of something negative or disagreeable. For example, a warrior wielding a sword could be interesting visually, whereas a warrior striking someone with a sword would be off-putting to most people.

Cultivate an Enviable Company Culture

We all know of companies like Google and Twitter that provide free food and game rooms for their employees. While that’s fantastic, most companies simply don’t have the resources to offer such perks to their workers. Still, there are things a company can do to set itself up as a company with a great culture:

  • Offer perks such as raffles and giveaways
  • Consider flexible scheduling options
  • Increase maternity and paternity leave

Treat Customers with Respect

Another great way for a company to develop a positive brand is by doing right by its customers. It’s been said that the customer’s always right. And even though they aren’t in many cases, it’s important to make them feel heard and understood.

When a company provides great customer service, it benefits all parties. The customer gets the impression that they’re cared for, so they in turn think positively about the company. And the company comes away with a more favorable reputation or brand.

Things to Keep in Mind

Every company carries a brand, be it favorable or unfavorable. The important thing is to take steps to make sure customers have a favorable impression of your company. This can be accomplished in a number of ways, including community outreach, producing a quality product, and providing great customer service.



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