The Ultimate East Coast Roadie: From Buffalo Wings to Big Apple Dreams

Hitting the road for a jaunt from Buffalo to the Big Apple, with a cheeky detour through the Garden State, is sort of like flipping through the best bits of an East Coast photo album. You’ve got natural wonder, comfort food that’ll make you want to write home and city lights that dazzle. If you’re game for a proper American adventure, buckle up because this road trip is a belter.

Wingin’ It in Buffalo

First up, why kick off your tires in Buffalo? Well, if you’re after a bit of a spectacle, Niagara Falls is just around the corner, and it’s a real humdinger. But there’s more to this city than just torrents of water. Before you leg it out of town, swing by the Anchor Bar for a batch of the original Buffalo wings — it’s the sort of meal you’ll fantasize about for weeks after. Your taste buds will thank you, promise.

Jersey Gem Stops

Next, we cruise into New Jersey, a state that’s a real dark horse of flavors and sights. Ever been to a proper American diner? Pull up a pew at the Tick Tock Diner in Clifton and have yourself a feast that’ll set you right up. And don’t just scoot through—New Jersey’s boardwalks are not to be missed. Perchance you fancy a bit of old-school rhythm and blues? Asbury Park’s the ticket. Or maybe it’s the old-world charm you’re after? Then Cape May’s your must-do, with its darling Victorian houses.

NYC, Baby!

The crescendo of our trip? None other than the city that never sleeps, New York City. This bustling metropolis is a right spectacle, with gems like Central Park, where you can have a breather, and Times Square, where the lights are so bright you’ll need to wear shades. And let’s natter about the nosh. You can’t say you’ve been to NYC without scoffing down a slice (or four) of classic New York-style pizza, and Chelsea Market is just the place to go nose around for more edible goodies.

A Comfy Carriage

You’re probably thinking, why bother with a motor like a minivan, right? Let’s get this straight: legroom and a boot you can throw your bags in without playing Tetris are nothing to sniff at. You’ve got comfort for the long haul in a minivan, room to wriggle, and enough space to stow all your trinkets. Plus, picture this: the open road, your favorite tunes on the stereo, and the gang all together snacking away. It’s that minivan magic that turns a trip into an absolute corker.

So, there you have it. Cruising from Buffalo through New Jersey to New York City offers a bit of everything: splashy wonders, treats galore, and skyline marvels. Each part of the journey knits together a story of quintessential Americana. Pop the boot, chuck in your kit, and let’s hit the road. This East Coast run is a bona fide belter waiting to fill up your memory books.




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