The POLABOY – Customizable Lighting and Art From Your Photographs

The LIGHTBOYS are a designer and craftsman team out of Germany, and they specialize in creating ultra-flat, brilliant light and art hybrids. Frankly, The POLABOY, The LIGHTWALL and Rooftop Lights are some of the coolest pieces of art I’ve seen in ages, let alone awesomely interchangeable lighting solutions. Essentially, the LIGHTBOYS have created a process to enlarge photographs- either designer or your own- and combine them with high powered lightboxes with hidden mountings that are powerful enough to illuminate a room while maintaining the integrity of the photo. Really, what it comes down to is the most banging set of man cave accessories I’ve seen in a while. Check out a gallery of some of our favorite pieces after the jump.

The LIGHTBOYS Present The POLABOY- Giant Naked Ladies, Hot Cars, or Scenic Shots for Your Dungeon

handmade led lightboys art lightingI can’t get over how slick these lights look. I especially like the idea of interchangeability- it’s pretty likely that no matter what design you choose, you’re going to eventually want to change your decor or get sick of staring at the same giant ______ that’s been watching you jerk off for the last year. However, my favorite part of these designs allows these brilliant works to be the focal points of a room without actually taking up any real space. For most people these days, the ability to customize your place with a single item that takes up virtually no outward projecting space that functions both as a huge piece of art and your main source of lighting, is a pretty sweet package deal.

polaboy lightboys wall light and art cityscape

The POLABOY is probably my favorite design out of the three, and are the pieces that are fully customizable. Simple white frames and warm filters that are evocative of classic Polaroid styling meet two sizes of light frame. You can slide your photographs in and out easily, and by day, these lights look like giant glossy Polaroids hanging on your wall. Effing phenomenal.polaboy light sizes and slideslightboys corvette stingray lightlightboys ocean drive lightlightboys cityscapenaked woman getting out of poolnaked woman getting out of poolnaked woman getting out of poolpolaboy example city scape


These huge scenes (up to 13 feet long) illuminate a room and are incredibly detailed enlarged versions of high res photos. The idea of having your room open into the open ocean, a bank of clouds, a lush forest or a bustling cityscape makes for endless possibilities. These are made with LED panels (as are the other designs) which means extremely long life, low energy usage, and high light output. Since they will create anything you want, I suppose you could also have a wall that looks out onto your Playboy bunny harem. The world is your classy, classy oyster.

lightboys lightwall dock picturelightboys lightwall forestlightwall cloudscapegraffiti lightwall

man under lightboys rooftop light

The entire units are lightweight and only 40 mm (1.5 inches) thick- you get the depth of a fresco or an open starry sky or a giant upskirt, without losing any of your overhead space. They can be made up to nine feet square, so you can pretty much work with any size space.

lightboys rooftop light dome

roof top light 7You can check out the POLABOY site here, or get a feel for all of the LIGHTBOYS work at their main site. I’ll be busy planning my illuminated panoramic installation of the first death star battle.




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