The Goal Of Nova: SoundCloud And Splice To Elevate Emerging Artists

As a music producer, chances are that you have heard of Splice. If you haven’t already, it is a cloud-based music creation platform that includes an endless sample library and countless plug-ins that also seamlessly integrate with several digital audio workstations (DAW). It is available on a subscription basis and is accessible on almost all operating systems including MacOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. It assumes the best Soundcloud promo tools and options as well.

SoundCloud has always been one to innovate, prioritizing artists first. It has become a platform that has not only served as a starting point for many famous artists including Post Malone, Billie Eilish, and Lil Uzi Vert, but is also a home to over 30 million creators. Many of which are promising next-gen talents!

With that, came a wonderful collaboration between SoundCloud and Splice to launch Nova, a program specifically designed to elevate newer music creators. Splice alone has a solid and global community of sound engineers, sound designers, producers, and music creators in its creator ecosystem. Together with SoundCloud, their goal for Nova was to discover and boost talent.

Empowering Unsigned Artists With Exclusive Rewards On Splice and SoundCloud

Nova is essentially a program that operates on a discord channel. It is a series of competitions that started in January 2022 and is aimed at elevating unsigned Splice and SoundCloud music creators all around the world.

In addition to that, Splice has opened up 12 Nova “artist packs” to the community for the first time as opposed to where it was previously only accessible to renowned and established labels and creators such as Travis Barker, Murda Beatz, Chad Hugo, and others. 

The competition winners will be carefully selected by expert teams at Splice and SoundCloud. These talented individuals will not only receive recognition but also enjoy a range of exciting rewards, including exclusive access to SoundCloud’s exceptional marketing and distribution services. Winners would also be able to create their very own Splice Sounds Pack.

With this invaluable opportunity, winners will benefit from professional marketing strategies, dedicated account management, widespread distribution across all major streaming platforms, and the ability to monetize their content effectively. The cumulative value of these remarkable services amounts to an impressive $20,000 marketing spend, providing winners with a significant boost in their artistic careers.

Michael Bruner’s Victory Fuels Anticipation For Next Season

The first competition was won by the multitalented producer, Michael Bruner with his first track “yeah yeah” off his EP. He received the full extent of the promised rewards on top of being on a live stream with SoundCloud and Splice to break down the track that made him the winner. All this has given him so much exposure, that he now cumulatively has hundreds of thousands of plays across all music streaming platforms and he is now well on his way to becoming the next big star.

Following the success of the first competition, music creators from around the world eagerly anticipate the announcement of the next season. As the anticipation for the next season builds, these artists have been working to prepare their finest creations in an effort to showcase their talent and seize the chance as it appears following Michael’s footsteps. The collective excitement and buzz surrounding the anticipation continue to fuel countless producer’s dreams of becoming the next big star in the industry.




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