The Ferrari Of Smart Phones – Acer Liquid E

Acer Liquid E

In the past Acer and Ferrari have teamed up to brings us laptops, now the two have teamed up once again to bring us a wonderful red Ferrari smart phone, based on the Acer Liquid E.

The Liquid E is a touchscreen smart phone, running on Google’s Android 2.1 operating system with the powerful 768 MHz Snapdragon processor.  The phone has a 3.5 inch WVGA touchscreen and a 5 megapixel camera with adjustable ISO.  The phone comes with an 8 gigabyte micro SD card and an Acer Sync app for connecting your phone to your computer.

The phone is painted in classic Ferrari red paint and has the famous Scuderia Ferrari prancing horse shield on the back, which is surrounded by a carbon fiber strip.  The cutout for the microphone is designed after the side air intake of a Ferrari Formula 1 car.  The phone also comes with a race inspired red Bluetooth ear piece, which adds an extra 5 horsepower (or is that MHz?) to the phone.

The phone will definitely come with Ferrari wallpaper, screen savers, and of course, engine sound ringtones.  No word on pricing yet but I’m sure it will cost a pretty penny.

Ferrari Acer Phone

Ferrari Acer Liquid E

Ferrari Acer Smart Phone

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