The Bismuth Knife: A Hidden Gem of Custom Knifemaking

Knife enthusiasts are always looking for the next big thing in knives. A knife that is different, a knife that has never been seen before. One of those rare and elusive treasures is the bismuth knife.

What is Bismuth?

Bismuth is an element that can be found on earth as a metal or mineral deposit, and it also occurs naturally as crystals when mined from its natural state. These days bismuth blades are made by smelting down bismuth into a raw form, which then has to be forged into shape with other metals like steel or nickel silver to form the blade itself. This process takes many hours of work and careful precision due to the extreme heat involved in forging molten metal together at such high temperatures! The resulting knife is a work of art that can be seen from the unrivaled craftsmanship involved in its creation.

What’s the deal with the Bismuth knife?

The bismuth knife gets its name because it was first discovered by mining workers, who used these blades to cut through tough materials like marble and granite stone. The metal will not rust or corrode when exposed to water for long periods of time.

But to the best of my knowledge, no one has ever made a kitchen knife out of it, until now. Created by master knife maker Kiwami, a fellow from Japan, this knife is a beautiful and practical tool for the kitchen. It’s perfect for delicate cutting tasks, or even slicing through tough meats like pork chops!

The bismuth knife will never rust in your drawer, it sharpens up easily on a ceramic rod if needed (although Kiwami recommends using natural stone), and also has an amazingly low maintenance cost.

It’s not every day that you see a new type of metal used in blades. One that is different from the traditional steel or stainless!

The only catch is that it’s pretty difficult to hold the knife, because the handle is a little bit prickly. Kiwami recommends adding some rubber grip tape to the handle for an easy hold and more safety in use!

Find out more about this beautiful bismuth knife by watching this video.

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See more of Kiwami’s work

If you’re interested in seeing more of Kiwami’s incredibly knives, including some silly ones made of Jello, you can do so on his YouTube page.

What’s the weirdest knife you’ve ever seen?

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Weirdest Knife I’ve ever seen: I think the most unusual knife would be one that has a handle made of wood, but it’s also got wire running through it. It is used by sailors to cut up ropes for coilings while on board ship.

It was really hard trying not to laugh when this guy from the Navy came up to my wife and I back when we were in Poland. He was a huge guy with tattoos and everything!

He had this knife that looked like it belonged on an episode of “The Walking Dead.” I’ve never seen anything quite like it before, but he said it’s all about being prepared for any scenario… even if they’re not likely to happen.



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