The Best Workout Supplements for Men

One of the biggest success stories in recent years has undoubtedly been the global growth enjoyed by companies in the workout supplementation sector.

Supplements are designed to improve athletic performance across multiple disciplines, delivering tangible results if consumed in the correct quantities.

While there are loads of benefits to be gleaned from taking supplements, it is fair to say that knowing which ones to use can be a bit of a minefield.

With that in mind, we have assessed the four main workout supplement categories – pre, intra, post and recovery – and identified the best products men can buy. Here is the list:

  • Best Pre-Workout for Men – Shifted Premium Pre-Workout.
  • Best Intra-Workout for Men – Huge Formula XII Intra & Post Workout.
  • Best Post Workout for Men – Huge BCAA.
  • Best Recovery Workout for Men – Kaged Muscle Re-Kaged Recovery.

To understand the benefits of using the best workout supplements, we have taken an in-depth look at each of our recommendations.

Best Pre-Workout for Men – Shifted Premium Pre-Workout

When it comes to a high quality pre-workout supplement, you would be hard pushed to find anything better than Shifted Pre-Workout.

Its balanced list of ingredients does not rely too heavily on substances with negative side effects, which helps the product rise above its competitors.

Regardless of the type of fitness activity you plan to undertake, Shifted Premium is the perfect pre-workout supplement to enhance your performance throughout your session.

It delivers a wide range of benefits including rapid gains in muscle mass, increased pump, immune system boosts and a calmer state of mind.

Shifted Premium also helps to increase endurance, thus allowing athletes to power through tough physical strength and cardiovascular tests.

Suitable for recreational gym-goers and elite athletes alike, Shifted Premium has the power to fire your fitness activities into another stratosphere.

Best Intra-Workout for Men – Huge Formula XII Intra & Post Workout

We have used a bit of artistic license with our recommendation in the intra workout supplement category by choosing a product that also has post workout benefits.

Formula XII Intra & Post Workout Formula is a carbohydrate-based intra workout product that is loaded with ingredients to help you smash every session.

In addition to two sources of fast-acting carbs, Formula XII also contains five grams of creatine to replenish your adenosine triphosphate (ATP) levels mid-workout.

It is ideal for serious lifters who not only want to top up their ATP levels, but who are also keen to restock their glycogen levels after workout.

While Formula XII bears some similarities to other products, we favoured it in this category due to its unique ingredients and scientifically supported dosages.

Although it is towards the top end of the price scale, the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ unquestionably applies where Formula XII Intra & Post Workout is concerned.

Best Post Workout for Men – Huge BCAA

If you are searching for a supplement designed to focus purely on post workout gains, look no further than the excellent Huge BCAA.

It blows many other products in this category out of the water as it is loaded with nearly 20 grams of three main ingredients – branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), essential amino acids and electrolytes.

That is up to three times more than several other post workout supplements, thus offering users significantly enhanced post workout benefits.

The BCAAs offer the biggest post workout boosts, as these help to reduce fatigue and give you the ability to push your body harder during subsequent exercise.

Other vital ingredients in this product include L-Glutamine and Coconut Water Powder, which support you during and after intense workouts.

You can even consider stacking Huge BCAA with Formula XII, which has the potential to deliver even greater intra and post workout benefits.

Best Recovery Workout for Men – Kaged Muscle Re-Kaged Recovery

Kaged Muscle Re-Kaged Recovery is ideal for cross-trainers or lifters who incorporate resistance training into their fitness regime or anyone who suffers muscle soreness after a workout.

It provides a 28 grams dose of whey protein isolate and six grams of BCAAs, both of which can aid the recovery process after workout.

Re-Kaged Recovery also contains glutamine, which has been scientifically proven to speed up recovery rates and reduce inflammation in athletes.

Its use, along with several other essential amino acids, is what sets Re-Kaged Recovery apart from other products which focus solely on BCAAs.

While BCAAs are important for muscle energy before and during workout, post workout is when you need a full spectrum amino acid profile for maximum growth and recovery.

Backed by intensive research and third-party testing of all ingredients, there is no better recovery supplement on the market than Re-Kaged Recovery.



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