What Exactly Is A Cloud Service?

Cloud services are online programs that help manage business processes remotely. Companies can automate work, save money and better protect their data through the labs cloud, so let’s discover a bit of info about this tool.

What are cloud services?

Cloud services, or clouds, are a network of powerful computers and servers that allow customers to use their resources via the Internet: store and share files, work in online offices, and perform calculations.

In a narrow sense, cloud services are online programs that help organize remote work and solve business problems. Employees get access to a common database from anywhere in the world and can manage projects. Each employee sees the result in real time, can make comments, edits and perform personal or joint tasks. A common example of a cloud service is Google Docs and, for example, G-Core Labs provides the full range of tools for the companies.

Types of cloud services

There are three options:

  • private;
  • public;
  • hybrid.

A private cloud is owned by one company and runs on its hardware. Only employees use it. All information remains inside, it is easier to control and protect it. But only large companies can afford a private cloud, because it is expensive to use: you need to buy or rent equipment, maintain and administer it yourself.

The public cloud is hosted and maintained by a provider that leases computing power to different clients. A business can purchase exactly as many resources as it needs to work and store files. It is convenient and profitable. When we talk about using cloud services, we most often mean public clouds.

Hybrid cloud means that part of the work is in the public cloud, and the other is in a private cloud or even on physical media. This happens, for example, in the process of a company’s gradual transition from traditional infrastructure to the cloud.




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