The Best Male Sex Toys: Basic Facts You Need to Know

Although the general categories of sex toys for men haven’t changed much over the years, the technology and attitude behind them certainly have. Research shows that 66% of men have bought sex toys at least once. Moreover, the latest gadgets that have hit the market can introduce you to a new world of pleasure, mimicking the sensations of intercourse or blowjobs to detail.

But as the stigma around men using pleasure products lifts, more and more guys eagerly hurry to sex toy stores only to have their enthusiasm falter. That is because navigating the various types of toys can be difficult or, even worse, a turn-off, especially when you throw modern technology in the mix. 

So, to help you out, we’ve gathered the basic info on male sex toys and (and what to do with them). After learning about all the options at your disposal, we guarantee that using your hand will look like stone-age technology. 

9 Types of Sex Toys for Men

Whether you are looking for a toy to use during solo time or one you can share with a partner, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list with the best male pleasure products you can find on the market:

Fleshlight/Penis Strokers/Masturbation Sleeves

Sleeves, like the famous fleshlight, are all-time favorites — for a good reason. They are usually shaped like a tube with one or two open ends. These soft, textured strokers are ideal for those who want to take their masturbation to the next level. Thanks to the hard plastic casing, you can thrust into fleshlights and penis strokers, which helps mimic penetrative intercourse. 

Nowadays, manufacturers have perfected the enjoyment factor. In other words, you can find hundreds of amazing and technologically advanced models of masturbators to try. They can make you feel like you are entering a mouth, ass, or vagina, as well as offer a variety of other enticing textures. Moreover, they can sport suction, tickling, ribs, different gears, and other features.

Another bonus is that sleeves and strokers are easy to use and even easier to clean. Simply apply some lube before use, and wash with soap and warm water after you are done. 

Cock Rings

Just as the name implies, this toy is a ring that goes around the base of your penis (with some models meant for balls as well). Cock rings are great for any kind of sexual play but are most enjoyable to wear while having sex with a partner. 

They work by restricting blood flow to the shaft, effectively trapping it inside the penis. That leads to longer-lasting pleasure, more powerful erections, and explosive orgasms.

But the best part about cock rings is that they are inexpensive and easy to use. You can buy one for a few dollars and immediately have firmer erections and more enjoyable orgasms.

Penis Pumps

Pumps are designed to enclose your shaft in a vacuum and draw blood into the penis to produce a stronger, larger erection. As a result, you can sustain a stronger hard-on for the length of intercourse or masturbation. Furthermore, once you finally orgasm, it will be truly mindblowing, thanks to the added pressure.


Vibrators can take many forms — some are intended for the shaft, like the cock rings, while others are meant for anal play. However, there’s a small area between the two regions that often gets neglected, unrightfully so. We are, of course, talking about the perineum, a bit of skin between the anus and the testicles, that is very sensitive to the touch. What’s more, this is the one spot that lets you stimulate the prostate without penetration.

In this particular region, vibrators can do wonders. You can use wands, bullets, and specialized perineum stimulators to engage this area, depending on the position and whether your partner is there to help or not. In any case, the end result will be out of this world.

Anal Toys

Unfortunately, many men are still reluctant to try anal play. However, the rectum provides a gateway to a world of new delights, including an entirely different sort of male orgasm — prostate orgasm. Furthermore, the rectum is densely packed with sensitive nerve endings that can tantalize and tease during penile masturbation. 

For those who don’t want to miss out, here are some of the most common anal toys for men.

Anal Dildos

Dildos are shafts made of plastic, glass, or rubber that you insert into your butt for deep penetration. Although many resemble penises, dildos can take any form or shape, including dragons, fruit, and fist. That said, if you need one for masturbation purposes, we recommend purchasing models with a suction cup. 

Anal Beads

This toy consists of a string of beads meant to be worn inside the anus during playtime. Small balls stimulate the nerve endings inside the anus and the prostate when in position. However, they can also create amazing sensations while being pulled out — fast or slowly. For a more intense orgasm, we recommend pulling the beads out moments before the climax hits you.

Prostate Massagers

Prostate stimulators are toys specially made for men. They feature a slight curve that, when placed into the anus, helps you hit the p-spot every time. These massagers can be in the form of butt plugs, beads, vibrators, probes, and more.

Such targeted prostate stimulation can trigger powerful orgasms. Men claim these orgasms can be up to 10 times more intense than the penile ones and arrive in waves.

Realistic Vaginas

A full rubber or silicone model of a vagina and butt is called a realistic vagina. These sex toys are larger and more realistic than sleeves and pocket pussies. In addition, their primary goal is to imitate real-life intercourse, so they are meant to be set down on a surface and thrust into. 

Realistic vaginas offer a better sensory experience. You can see the rectum and vagina, feel the butt cheeks and slam into it with your whole body. Additionally, you get the benefit of having two holes to play with, and each opening is designed to feel much like a genuine thing.

The only drawback is that toys this size are a bit more difficult to clean. That said, you need to keep the orifices in pristine condition to avoid damaging your toy and suffering infections. 

Parting Thoughts

The truth is that sex toys can be a terrific tool to add to your pleasure toolbox. They can help you explore your sexuality and experiment with new sensations and erogenous zones.

And if you take time to learn more about the toys of your choice, you can maximize the pleasure in a safe way. So, whether you want to improve your solo play or step up your game in the bedroom, now is the best time to venture into the buzzing world of male sex toys.



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