The Best Islands To Explore In Greece

If you are looking to discover hidden gems in Greece, you are in the right place. These islands have something for everyone to enjoy.

Greece is a top destination on every travel bucket list, but the many islands can make it overwhelming to decide which ones are worth it. We’ve got you covered with our list below of the best islands to explore in Greece.


Starting strong in the birthplace of Zeus, the sunny Crete offers a lot of adventure to discover. Being the largest island in Greece, you will need a few days dedicated to its explorations.

Begin your adventure by sailing to Spinalonga Island, where you can learn about rich Venetian history and end off swimming in the peaceful waters of the Seitan Limania beach. 

For my avid hikers, the scenic Balos Lagoon and the Samaria Gorge are perfect for you. Discover native species and rest in the lagoon or spend a night in the villages near the gorge.

Under no circumstances should you forget to visit the Holy Trinity Monastery. It has the most beautiful architecture and golden interior you will ever see. 


Located west of Greece, Corfu is not widely known because it is far from the main islands.

Agni Bay is a fishing village that emerges you into island life. The best taverna here is Nikolas Taverna, which will hit the right spot after long hours at the beach.

Vlacherna Monastery sits on its own small island, which you can reach by a track that runs over the water. The busy Canal d’Amour is a legendary swimming canal known for being a romantic and iconic proposal spot.

Another unique spot you should not miss is Cape Drastis. It is best to visit in summer and can be a mission to get to, but it is definitely worth the effort.

Since Corfu is so far from the main islands, it is best to use a yacht charter in Greece. This service makes it easy to explore the best islands of Greece, no matter where they are.


This small island greets you with a colorful port as you dock.

To get to the village part of Symi, you will need to walk up more than 400 steps. Most of the explorations are accessible by boat and on foot.

Hike to the Kastro, where you will look down onto the beautiful houses and the Symi port from the castle ruins. You can also take a ferry to Rhodes Island for the day to wander through the Ottoman and Venetian architecture.

Symi has many magnificent coves that you can explore beyond the main town. 

I’d recommend going to Symi from July to September because this is when you can entertain yourself with the Symi festivals. The festivals include film, music, and book fairs, which means there is something for everyone. 


Syros is an island rich in culture. The many festivals held here can attest to that.

You can rent a bike and explore the countryside, beaches, and the villages.

There are many monasteries to visit, such as the Capuchin Monastery, which hosts a variety of knowledge. Here you can find thousands of books, manuscripts, and inscriptions to read.

Syros also has a variety of museums to wander through, giving more insight into the island. Visit the Syros wineries and the local restaurants for great Greek flavors.

For those wanting more exciting adventures, check out the Casino Syros. There is also horseback riding, scuba diving, and watersports to enjoy. 


Rhodes sightseeing activities take you to a different time. Ancient sites in Rhodes that are a must-see are the Ancient Sites of Ialyssos and Kimiros. 

The museums here are exciting to wander through. There is a Toy Museum and aquarium for the little ones. Art enthusiasts will thrive in the Modern Art Museum and the Municipal Art Gallery.

For those wanting to venture out of the norm, visit the Valley of Butterflies and the Turkish baths, Great Hammam. 

Rhodes has a lot of fun activities to do, including a waterpark, scuba-diving, and so much more. There is truly something for everyone to enjoy.




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