5 Things To Expect From A Wedding Photographer in Surrey

A photograph is a moment preserved through time. A good wedding photographer in Surrey would know the significance of capturing the right moments on a couple’s special day. The photos of the wedding days will always stay with the couple. Therefore, it is important to choose a photographer who understands how to shoot photographs that freeze the precious moments in time in the most beautiful way. Finding the right photographer is an important decision you need to take before your wedding. Here is a list of things you should keep in mind while choosing the photographer who would match your desires and requirements.

See Their Entire Portfolio!

It’s natural for professional photographers to put up their best shots on their website or social media profiles. However, it might be misleading. Ask for exclusive wedding photoshoots from different projects, new and old. This would help you understand their style and aesthetic sense. You will also get a taste of how they like to capture the moments. Think about your personal sense of style and aesthetic, and if you find it’s a match, then hire them.

Ask For Fine Art Photography!

Fine art photography is vivid, romantic and catches your attention easily. They create a magical realm where only you and your partner exist. Fine art photography always takes one to a whimsical space that makes your heart go aww! Therefore ask if your photographer captures the moments of love, beauty and happiness in a delicate, gently toned fine art photography style.

Extraordinary Couple Shot!

You will surely need a ‘couple shot’ to frame it for your cozy nest. It is the most important image that you would want. A good professional wedding photographer always keeps some of their best tricks reserved for this one. They play with the backdrop, location, lights, their skills and camera angles.

Have a discussion about this with your photographer. You need to decide from beforehand what essence you want to portray in the image. These can be :

  • Both of you captured in an intimate setting
  • A dramatic moment
  • A fun image
  • Natural, candid image.

You can ask for samples from the photographer of this image and decide beforehand about the shot. Choose what would put both of you at ease in front of the camera.

Details And Style Of Capturing Moments

Your wedding day is a montage of precious moments, and a good wedding photographer should capture photographs that portray the essence. First kisses, happy tears, dances, heartwarming moments of joy and laughter are only some of them. You would also want your intricate wedding decor to be immortalized in a picture.

You must want these images to be well-framed, at a clean angle, with a clear focus, without any pieces cut off. A good wedding photographer captures a range of close-up details and dramatic wide shots of the entire wedding venue.


With all this information, you can choose your wedding photographer in Surrey with absolute confidence. Be sure to have a few meetings with them before the D-day, so you feel completely at ease with them. Have a happy wedding photoshoot.




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