Man’s Best Workout Buddy: 8 Active Dog Breeds That Will Help You Stay Fit

Staying committed to your fitness journey can be challenging. It’s so much easier to come home from work, sit on the sofa, and relax with a good streaming show. But when you have an active dog, you can’t get away with ignoring your workout. These eight active dog breeds will help you stay fit and reach your fitness goals. 

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers have been popular dogs with families for decades for their loyalty, trainability, and talent with children. Whenever you come across White Golden Retrievers for sale and find you can’t resist, keep in mind you will need to take it for regular walks and give it plenty of room to run around in your yard.

Border Collies

Border Collies are lovely dogs that enjoy corralling cattle. If you don’t have sheep or cows, you can take your border collie for a long run instead. These shaggy dogs love being active, and their big hearts and friendly demeanor makes it easy to accommodate them with long runs and plenty of playtime. 


Dalmatians love to run, and they have plenty of endurance as they were initially bred to run alongside horse-drawn carriages. If you enjoy running, your dalmatian is a perfect running companion. These spotted canines can easily keep up with you while you enjoy your highest BPM running playlist. 

Hungarian Vizslas 

A hunting dog at heart, the Hungarian Vizsla loves to get outside and enjoy nature. The Vizslas are energetic dogs that will remind you when it’s time to go outside, so you’ll never be able to worm your way out of your daily exercise. Remember, your Vizsla has a short coat, so put a jacket on it when the weather turns cold. 

Jack Russell Terrier

If you love to exercise and have nearly unlimited energy, a Jack Russell Terrier might be the perfect dog for you. This breed seems to have more energy than any other breed, and they love to go outside and play with their owners. 

Labrador Retrievers

Like the Golden Retriever, the Labrador Retriever loves to play outside. Both the Golden and Labrador Retrievers were bred to chase down prey and help hunters. These classic dogs love a good game of catch, but they also love a long run on the sidewalk or a trail. Your Labrador Retriever will also run alongside your bike if you prefer to give your feet a rest during your exercise routine. 

German Shorthair Pointer

Hunting dogs like the German Shorthair Pointer love to be active outside. This pleasant breed will do more than run, as they love to swim and play with their owners, too. Pointers are energetic dogs that can play until the cows come home. 

German Shepherd 

German Shepherds are gentle and friendly. Bred for herding sheep, these brown-and-black pups also enjoy long runs, especially when the terrain is uneven and rocky. Like the Jack Russell Terrier, German Shepherds have plenty of stamina for long exercise sessions, so they’ll be right at home next to a marathon runner.  


Remember that bringing a dog into your family is a commitment. While dogs are good companions for your exercise sessions, they need continual love and care in addition to regular exercise.



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