The Best Fight Scene of All Time – Stingray vs Nick DiMarco

Out of the ring, into the fire… in a fight to the finish. That’s the slogan that graces the cover of Undefeatable, a 1993 action film featuring a very angry Kristi Jones on her quest to defeat the crazed martial arts rapist who killed her sister; no, really… the synopsis actually says that.

As you’re about to see in a moment, my introduction does not even come close to doing this movie justice. Seeing… is believing.

Undefeatable… it’s True

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I’ve finally had the pleasure of seeing the full movie, and even after years of watching the fight scenes in this trailer, they just never gets old. People punching people so hard their clothes fall off, lots of pointless yelling… a woman who turns into a man and then back into a woman again – what’s not to like?

The most unfortunate part about the film is that the studio never decided to do a sequel, or hell… even a full fledged television series. Watching everyone pointlessly spinkick each other for episode after bloody episode would be like the DragonBall Z of our generation, but possibly even more pathetic. Please, if you’re reading this and know someone who worked on the original, put this bug in their ear so that all of us can enjoy another generation of Stingray and Nick.

Kristi: keep an eye out for ya Stingray.

Nick: Yah, cya!



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