The Best Drinking Accessories: Beer Pong Edition

There’s only one thing that I love as much as answering your questions with amazingly radical advice, and that’s drinking. If you also enjoy drinking more than hockey, roughly the same as eating bacon, and slightly less than a gorgeous girl fixing a classic hot rod, we put this list together with care and attention just for you! You probably also love Beer Pong- drinking game of champions, and drunks who think they are champions because they somehow got their underpants over their heads. Around our house, we break out the UV reactive paint and play under the black light for the honor of a busted up equestrian trophy. As awesome as stumbling around in the dark is, trying to keep your shit together while everything glows like it’s radioactive, I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something more out there… Choose something from this list and have an amazing weekend full of hazy memories, hilariously slurred show-tunes, and the possibility of an epic puke in the name of gaming glory.

Two hot girls playing beer pong with ice racks
N-ice Racks. Perfect name for a product, as far as I'm concerned.

Re-Freezable Beer Pong N-ice Racks: If you ever get into a heated match of Beer Pong, you know that every consecutive game gets more competitive as personal pride gets put on the line. You also probably have experienced the definitely-not-made-up scientific phenomenon that is the Beer Pong Curve, which leads to infinitely lengthening games, increased shit talking, more frequently missed shots, and warm beer. Filled with ice and conveniently indented, these racks take guessing at cup placement and swilling warm booze out of the game, leaving you with more time to fall over while “lining up a shot.”

Complete Beer Pong Starter Kit
Everything you need to play in a convenient kit.

The Ultimate Beer Pong Kit: I realize this isn’t particularly zany or witty, but if you’re just taking your first foray into the game, Bombed has put together everything you could possibly need in a perfect package. This includes a rule sheet, because every man thinks he knows how to play, yet no two at your party will agree on how to do so.

Not going to save you when you get too drunk to swim.

Pool Beer Pong Racks: This seems like a great idea, but we also don’t want our entire readership to drown themselves while trying to do a totally awesome handstand shot, so practice all that water and drinking safety crap. It was a pretty close tie between these blow up drink racks and the Port-O-Pong Floating Table, until we realized there’s an added dimension of ridiculousness in the fact that your cups will keep trying to swim off in crazy directions.

Inflatable Beer Pong Head Game
Develop poise and balance, while drinking and ruining poise and balance.

Pong Head: Good luck finding two people who won’t spill all your beer and wreck all your shots. That being said, the idea of having to catch your Beer Pong rack as it staggers away to make a microwaveable burrito opens new avenues for rules and scoring. Bonus points if you sink a shot while the rack is bent over a toilet.

Bear Pong Oversized Beer Pong Buckets
Just in case you were worried about the size of your balls...

BEAR Pong: Because tiny balls aren’t manly. Neither is crying when you realize you have to chug a bucket’s worth of alcohol.

Custom Playboy Beer Pong Tables by PartyPongTables.Com
Boobs and balls just go together.

Finally, for those of you who are hardcore enough to want a table (and really, who doesn’t dream of having one?) is our choice for customized tables. Choose from aluminum, plastic, or wood, pre-drilled cup holes, custom graphics, and premium options like speakers and an auxiliary port so your table will function as a giant sound system for your iPod. We’re definitely a fan of the official Playboy styles.




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