The Awesome Looking Stationary Epicycle

I recently started going to the gym as part of my so-called “New Year’s resolution” and I’ve been very consistent so far. I really don’t like doing traditional cardio workouts such as running on the treadmill, exercise bike, or an elliptical because it takes a ridiculous amount of time to burn off very few calories. It’s not bad for you in any way but I would much rather spend that time doing a High Intensity Workout which will burn more calories in a shorter time (of course it takes more energy). Although I personally would never use this piece of equipment, I think the Epicycle is one bad ass looking workout machine.

This isn’t your standard exercise bike and features some pretty high-tech goodies. This stationary bicycle features an epicyclic transmission and magnetic resistance to provide an intense workout. Its design is inspired by 19th century monowheels giving it a very unique look.

The Epicycle offers 12 Levels of resistance which can be controlled by a touch screen display. The resistance on the equipment is provided by a magnetic field via six magnets installed around the 36-inch copper ring. The Epicycle also features lavish touches such as carbon fiber handlebars which can be adjusted for reach and an adjustable padded Alcantara seat. Riders weighing up to 285lbs can use the Epicycle.

Although it looks cool, I would have no use for this. And after you see the price, you will also agree. The Epicycle can be yours for ……..$12,000.



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