Tesla leasing: Which Model is Best Suited to You?

If you’ve been looking at investing in a new electric car as your next vehicle, you’ve probably heard a lot about Tesla during your research; that’s no surprise, as they’re one of the most innovative electric car companies on the planet. Fronted by Elon Musk, the Tesla brand has become synonymous with high-tech, eco-friendy vehicle manufacture, making their cars an ideal choice for anyone looking to lease a car that’s better for the environment yet still a true joy to drive. Of course, the next step is selecting the Tesla model that’s best suited to you, which is no easy feat; there are currently 4 models to choose from, each of which offers its own set of benefits to the driver – read on below to learn more about each Tesla model!

Model S

Starting things off is the Tesla Model S, which is a modern executive saloon that’s sure to catch the attention of those who are fond of luxury cars such as a Jaguar, thanks to the long, sleek lines and low design that the Model S features. The Model S is Tesla’s flagship car and has been a major part of its success since the vehicle was launched back in 2012. Since this launch, the Model S has seen numerous updates to keep it looking and feeling as modern and cutting-edge and possible, with recent updates including the Long Range Plus model, designed for maximising the potential mileage from a single charge, and the Plaid, which is the high-performance version that’s capable of hitting 60mph in under 2 seconds.

Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 offers something that’s a little more accessible to the average driver; the price is much more affordable than the Model S and the 4-door vehicle also offers much more interior space too. The Model 3 is essentially a 4-door sedan, ideal for all of your average daily driving needs, from taking the kids to school and picking up the groceries, all the way through to those long drives to visit your relatives. There are three different variations of the Model 3 currently available from Tesla:

  • Standard Range Plus
  • Long Range
  • Performance

Autopilot is a standard feature in all of these cars, but if you’re looking to upgrade to Tesla’s hyper-intelligent full self-driving mode, you’ll have to spend around £6,800 to have this upgrade installed.

Model X

Tesla’s third car that is currently available is the Tesla Model X, which is their largest car currently in production, aside from the Cybertruck which is currently only available for reservation. This unique SUV-style electric car has enough space for us to 7 people to sit comfortably and has an interior feel that’s very similar to the Model S. A unique design feature found on the Model X is the falcon wing door design, which opens upwards rather than horizontally – this gives the car a really futuristic look that’s sure to have heads turning in every car park across the country. Inside, you’ll find a huge touchscreen control panel that makes utilising all of the Tesla’s high-tech features easier than ever before.

There are currently two versions of the Model X available, Long Range and Plaid.




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